Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Scentsational Summer of Travel and Play!

Hey y'all Shannon here :-) Not really sure where this blog post is going to go, I seem to be functioning on a mere fraction of the brain power I used to claim .... So this could be interesting :-) Let's see where to start .... 

We've been busy bees here lately with Scentsy (yes, we, my boys go with me on deliveries and to some parties they pretty much rock! Love my kiddos!) I've been having a blast with my Scentsy business! I love it and I love that it doesn't even feel like a job! I literally "party" for a living and it's AWESOME!! Speaking of Scentsy I do want to let all of you our readers know I am doing a summer fun giveaway that is for kiddos Shannon's Little Buddy Giveaway is super easy to enter and all the kiddos have to do is color a buddy page! 

Official Rules:
 1. Parents go 'Like' my Shannon Daniels Independent Scentsy Consultant Page on Facebook. 


 2. Go to this website and print out a Scentsy Buddy coloring page. 
 3. Let your little one enjoy coloring their buddy anyway they want. Creativity is always welcome! 
4. Take a picture of your little one's colored Buddy and post it on my Scentsy Facebook Page make sure to include your little artists name and the reason why they like the buddy they chose to color. 

  That's it. Easy Peasy. The winner will be chosen at random and announced July 31st so we can get as many little buddies to participate as we can!  :) 
PLEASE only 1 entry per child (If you have more than one child they can each submit only one entry thank you) 

Thanks for your interest! Happy coloring and good luck little buddies! :)  

  We've also been even busier trying to keep up with our normal summer day to day routine (which never seems to be normal... or much of a routine seems we never do the same thing twice in a row haha) But we've been keeping busy with walks to the park, play dates, re-organizing projects (because let's face it at some point it probably WAS somewhat organized) We've been very thankful to have Daddy home more often since he got back from the last field exercise!! So Yay for having Hubbers around! (Especially because he is extremely helpful and basically the best!)

In addition to all that summer craziness we are getting ready, planning, and packing for our upcoming vacation!! Yay for a very welcome change of scenery! I mean I enjoy the desert landscape as much as the next girl but ummm... some green grass would be nice please ooh and water.... YES water would be amazing to look at, play in, and jump and splash in, and overall act like an extremely enthusiastic sea otter splashing about and making a fool of myself in! Beware any fountains in my near future I may have to appreciate you more closely from now on!! :) Vacations are so fun but sometimes the planning of said adventures is exhausting haha! If you've ever traveled with toddlers or small children you know what packing for the littles entails and you've heard that infamous age old question "Are we there yet?" too many times to keep count... but me, I'm a crazy person and I LOVE road trips and I especially LOVE long road trips WITH my MnMs!
My MnMs playing with Superman and a Tiger named Kitty haha

 Again, I'm a crazy and I relish the moments that we spend altogether as a family in the car for hours and hours ... and hours (haha) I absolutely love spending time listening to my kiddos sing along with our 'travel CDs' They seriously jam out hardcore! haha. I love playing silly travel games and asking the boys "What do you see?" over and over and chatting with my Hubs while the littles occasionally nap along the journey. I love the feeling of getting out of the car after awhile on the road and having my feet on solid not moving ground :) I enjoy everything about traveling and family road trips. (except for packing I'm pretty much a neurotic mess when it comes to packing but armed with my latest Pinterest finds I hope to simplify the amount and the bulkiness of our packing this trip here's hopin...) Hopefully each of you get the opportunity to have a summer road trip even if it's just a short weekend fishing/camping trip. Get out in the fresh air, catch some rays, and a nice tan in the process ;) but most importantly spend some quality 'unplugged' time with your family away from all the electronics that somehow eat up so much of our time! Go make those super fun childhood memories that your children will treasure for years to come!!

Pregnant Pause...
(   ) Get it? hehe 

goodbye toes I'll see you in approximately 27 weeks ;)

We are officially 13 weeks and a day Yay! I'm so excited I'm still just in shock trying to convince myself "it's not a dream" then I crave spaghetti in the morning for breakfast and it's much more real. Other current cravings include: fruit namely cherry and strawberry and salt and vinegar chips and potato salad! I can't wait for the little thumps and kicks to come and we are going to try and get an ultrasound sometime toward the beginning of July so we can officially end the debate .... Little Sea Monkey... boy? or girl? :-) Can't wait to find out!! I don't have the patience to wait and be surprised (I NEVER would have survived back in the day before ultrasounds) Kuddos to you mamas that can surprise yourselves! :) Wish I had the patience... 

Anyhow I really hope at least some of this post update was vaguely coherent! :-) If not, well, welcome to my brain or lack thereof haha. Hope y'all enjoy your summer days and vacations! If you have any questions about the Little Buddy Giveaway email me @ I would be thrilled to answer any questions y'all might have :) Best of luck to the participants too. Hope to hear from y'all soon.  Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday :) 

...and please do keep my home state Colorado in your prayers pray for rain and a special prayer of protection and comfort for all of the families affected by the fires. Thanks y'all!

Big ol' preggo hugs and some extra summer polka dot flip flop wearin' love.... Shannon :)

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