Thursday, February 28, 2013

Takin' Care of Business

Hello, everyone! Who else is excited that tomorrow is Friday!? Well... I start this blog still unsure of exactly what I'm gonna write about. So I'm just gonna write and see what happens...




Did you hear about the Pope? Crazy, right? Just kidding! 

I was going to write about cloth diapers, but it's been a crazy, busy day today and tonight has been a whirlwind in this house. So, I figure I'll hit on cloth diapers next time! Instead... I'm gonna share my day with you. 

My little man slept so well last night! Much better than he has been... he's definitely going through a growth spurt. So last night he only woke up twice and then we were up for the day by 7:00! As I was changing baby C, this huge wave of "I don't wanna go to work" hit me hard. Suddenly, all I wanted to do was stay home with my little guy and play and enjoy smiles and just cuddle all day. It took everything in me not to pick up my phone and put that call in to work to tell them that I would be taking a personal day. Since I've been at my job, I've only taken 2 sick days total, so I feel like I have this great record and I just started back at work. I was home sick with baby C just last week, so I've gotta just push through. I was already missing him while I was at work yesterday, but today was sincerely twice as hard! So, yes... I pulled myself together and got to work early, even! Fortunately, it was a busy day, so by the time it was over, I didn't even realize it had gone by so quickly! 

-----Let me interrupt momentarily to share a work story. Shannon insisted I share it and it almost made Kailly spit out her Pepsi. Anyway... I mentioned previously that it has been crazy since I got back from maternity leave, and especially so because I got back after the new fiscal year started. This means that I have a lot of old paperwork to go through and files to shuffle around to make room for the new year. I finally got through a bunch of the old purchase requisitions that were ready to be shredded. So... I headed down town to City Hall to use the big, industrial sized shredder. At my old job, even the industrial sized shredder couldn't eat staples, so I assumed (and a coworker agreed) that I needed to remove all of the staples. I started this specific project of shredding the old paperwork two days ago; but I just don't have time to spend hours upon hours, back to back, standing in front of a giant shredder, removing staples from stacks and stacks of paper. So I've had to split up this wonderful chore over several days. Today... I finally finished. My thumb and index finger were terribly sore from removing staple, after staple, after staple. So... my obligatory Facebook status was as follows: "In perfecting the art of staple removing in order to run copious amounts of paperwork through the industrial sized shredder at work, I have concluded that people seriously over-staple!" A few comments down, a co-worker and friend who had actually visited with me as I stood in front of said shredder, informed me of this: "You can shred with staples on that machine." Say whaaaaaaat!? Yes... I had wasted almost 3 hours over two days of my life removing hundreds, possibly thousands of staples from stacks and stacks of paper, so I could run said papers through a shredder that eats staples. *insert indignant, frowny face*. Back to the rest of my day...-----

Yes... my day still flew by, despite the big staple - shredder debacle of 2013. Then I had to stop and get baby C's birth certificate from the county (yes, finally). He's a real boy! hehe! Then I picked up C and had to get my hiney to physical therapy. I was SO exhausted, and C was hungry, but fortunately, I had pumped plenty while I was still at work so I was able to give the little man a bottle while I started my exercises. He did well and even gave smiles to our favorite assistant on her last day! I definitely got my butt kicked though. I guess this is just how physical therapy works, but if I go in and I'm feeling worse, I get my butt kicked; if I go in and I'm feeling better, I get my butt kicked. Haha... I guess it makes sense, but it's still exhausting! So, we finally got home, but our whole schedule of feedings while together was off. So I had to pump... it felt like it took me longer than it ever has before! Ever had one of those pumping sessions, mommas? Seriously... it felt like it took an hour! But I finally finished (I needed to replenish what I had given C of my pumped stash anyway) and got some play time and cuddles with my little man. But I was feeling pretty sore. I was waiting for MH to get home, but he had to run to the grocery store to pick some stuff up first. He called as he was about to drive away from the store, and it was a good thing he did, since our microwave died right as he was calling. So, he had to go back inside and find a replacement. Guess who got a fancy new microwave? Yay! 

... Yeah... I'm a wife and mom... I get excited about appliances. 

So MH finally got to sit down for some play time with baby C, which he missed out on last night and C was NOT happy about it! It was important to both of them to get that time together tonight. But C was tired! So daddy went into our room to help get him ready for bed and found that our wonderful cat, Zoe, had peed on our bed. Yay. Ugh... so, I changed a tired and fussy C and got him in his PJs then handed him off to daddy so I could change the sheets and clean up. I was already sore and tired and my back was aching when I totally threw out my back and a hip while changing the sheets. Now I have a slight limp. It's not so fun. *insert pouty face*  MH did SO good with our little cub, though, and got him to PASS out by singing "Hey Ya" to him. Hahaha! Hey... whatever works, right? So, we finally got our little angel down. And that was our Thursday! 

I will have to post my OOTD tomorrow as I am unable to get it to load currently! 

Now, here are a few more random facts about me:

1. Teen Mom 2 is my guilty pleasure
2. When I was little, I wanted to be a dolphin
3. I was born in Texas, and often wonder if I would be considered an alien, should they actually secede from the country.
4. When I was little, I told my little sister that we had a brother who died, and we could see him in heaven; but I got to see him first because I was smarter.
5. I wanted to play flute in elementary school, but my parents wouldn't buy me one and the only instrument available to rent from my school was a French Horn! 
6. For a brief moment, MH and I seriously looked into getting a mini pig for a pet. 
7. I am terrible at doing hair and makeup, but am very particular about my nails and love decorating them with designs! 
8. My absolute favorite movie of all time is The Little Mermaid! She is my favorite Disney princess,
9. I have an extra bone in my right foot
10. I find moths to be THE most terrifying living things on this planet! 

Well, that's all from me for today! I hope you all have a fabulous Friday!!! 

Zebra Hugs! 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A day in the life of Kailly and N!

Hey all. Kailly here, and N too!
We are currently in our living room completely surrounded by toys, blocks, Mickey Mouse stuffies and music toys. I love playing with N with all of her toys. Her eyes light up, she reaches and grabs everything, and her giggle echoes through the room. I do not, however, like when a toy turns on across the room. You see, N and I were just playing with blocks. We stack them in towers and she demolishes them (well, in reality, she gently pokes the tower with her index finger. Eventually, she hits it hard enough that it sways and tumbles.) Anyway, we are playing with our block towers, when a monkey toy starts laughing across the room. N and I stare at eachother. I let out a nervous chuckle and say "mr monkey must want to play." N looks at the monkey toy. Then, she turns her body sideways and stares at the monkey. After a minute, she goes back to her blocks. Take that monkey. You just got the evil eye from an 8.5 month old.

To share a little about our day, we definitely play a lot. We wake up, have breakfast and then we pretend to be airplanes as I "fly" her up to her nursery to pick out something to wear. And, she does pick out her outfits. I give her two shirt options, and two pant options. She intently stares at both before grabbing which one she would like to wear. Most days, she matches. I figure, she is developing independence and character already, so why not? Though, I look forward to the days that we head to the grocery store wearing tutus, rain boots, super hero capes, and sunglasses! I know that is just around the corner.

After that we tend to play and play some more. We throw in a few naps here in there as well. Some days, N sleeps in her swing or pack and play, and others we snuggle up and sleep together. There are enough sheep for us both to count! ;-) Then, we play while we wait for Daddy to come home. Once he gets here, he plays with N while I lay on the couch for a few to recover, I mean rest. Then we do dinner, bath time, play time, etc. Before bed every night, we always give N a massage, read a bed time story and have good night prayers.

Some days, we toss in an adventure to the grocery store, or some other errands. Also, a couple of days per week we head to one of my best friends, J's house. Her daughter and N share the same birthday. They truly are best friends already. When it came time for N and I to head home last week, the girls both cried. They held hands, and they gave eachother kisses while playing that day. Ah, it melted my heart.

For my outfit of the day today, I am wearing a grey and white striped shirt... Actually, the same one from our group photo in blog one. That's slightly embarrassing. I swear my closet is larger than it seems! I am wearing express jeans that I got for $15 and snow boots as we have a ton of snow right now. N is rocking a velour grey outfit. The top is a zip up hoodie with a sparkly minnie mouse on it, and she has a long sleeved onesie underneath it with a zebra on it that matches her grey pants! I would upload a photo, but since I took a picture of the laughing monkey, my camera isn't working. Creepy monkey. I'll have my husband take one later, but for now I will upload a picture of N and I from a couple of months ago!

Want to learn a little more about me? Here are some random facts!

~ I was due on Christmas day, but was born on Thanksgiving.

~ My Dad wanted to name me Zignovia, and my nickname be Ziggy.

~ My oldest sister (her birthday is today!) and my brother are one year, one month, and one day apart in age.

~ I went into premature labor with N twice, and spent a good amount of time of super strict bedrest. By the time she was allowed to come, she didn't want to. I was medically induced at 39 weeks.

~ N was born on my Dad's 50th birthday!

~ I always eat meals with N. I don't want her to feel alone.

~ My husband proposed 4 months after we met, we got married 4 months after that, and pregnant 4 months after that. Let me tell you, I practically put myself in a bubble 4 months after that. Luckily, nothing too crazy happened, though we did have to rehome our husky, Stella, as she did not like N at all.

~ N and I always match. I do not do this on purpose!

~ N has a crazy obsession with Mickey Mouse. She doesn't like any other character, though Pluto and Donald Duck are seeming to grow on her a bit.

~ I am competing in Tough Mudder this June!

~ I get teary eyed seeing older married couples, holding hands. I love people in love and all things romantic.

Anyway, I am off to get my gorgeous girl down for a nap. Hoping this blog saves and posts, as I lost it last time! What a weird Wednesday!


"A daughter is the happy moments of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future."

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Love (Tuckered Out) Tuesdays!

Hey there friends it's Shannon! Hi, how are ya? :) Guess what? It's I Love Tuesday!! Why? Because I really love Tuesdays! My Tuesdays tend to typically be my most productive days. My get it done attitude seems to be at it's strongest on these days, maybe my subconscious is extra motivated that it is no longer Monday haha. I'm not sure but I just know that I have always enjoyed Tuesdays in particular over most other days of the week. Who knows I'm just a little crazy and I've made my peace with that awhile ago so no worries... :) Anyhow this particular Tuesday is not my most favorite as I have been tending to two pretty under the weather little guys. My poor little MnMs! *sad face* As a result of the yuck in the house today has been mostly unproductive in the house chores and tackling projects department but nevertheless we are going to make the best of our Tuckered Out Tuesday.

 We're all tuckered out because on top of moving into and unpacking our new place the past few nights I've been awakened by the unpleasant side effects of when littles have the upset tummy bug.... Poor little grumpies wake up in the middle of the night tossin' their cookies and burning up with a fever. So we haven't been sleeping much in this house ... fun stuff let me tell ya.

  I tend to have pretty bad bouts of insomnia that catch up with me every now and again so not sleeping is not an unusual occurrence for me but when I haven't been sleeping and finally get the chance to feel tired enough to sleep and it's interrupted for whatever reason, I'm sorry y'all I'm human, and I get grouchy. I feel badly because suffice to say I probably didn't have a very good bedside manner last night, but hey I'm a real mom! I didn't transform into a perfectly coiffed June Cleaver and have a smile on my face and a cold compress ready ... (wish I could have) but I startled awake (with my hair stickin' out every which way) to being yacked on and my instant reaction was "What the garbage!?" Yes of course I helped my little guy clean himself up and I snuggled him close and rubbed his back til he fell back to sleep but I really wasn't too chipper while doing it... but hey I'm a real mom! (can I get an amen?) I am not going to lie to y'all, I felt so awful for my little M last night but my human side was grumbling somethin' fierce... --Anybody else out there have those real mom moments??-- I just want to encourage all you mommies out there we all have off days (even on our favorite day of the week) nobody is perfect and we just have to shake it off and "soldier on in the trenches of mommyhood" :) I absolutely love my kiddos more than life itself and that will never change I just hope they start feeling better and sleeping again soon! :)

It didn't help my mood last night when my hubs reminded me that per the military wife/mom's equivalent of Murphy's Law he is going out to the field for a few days so it's just me battling the fevers and trying to keep up with the everyday chores for a while. --Do any of you other military wives out there feel like that?? -- Doesn't it just seem like whenever the guys head out for whatever reason (deployments, staff duty, field exercises, schools/training) something falls apart a little right before or right after he leaves?? Well that's how I feel and after thinking about it a bit while rocking little M back to sleep at 3am I decided it's because I just don't like when he leaves that it only seems like the "sky is falling" when he is not around... I just gotta say I really love that guy to pieces! :) 

  I have to tell y'all I'm super excited after several years and many hours of tangling my fingers up in my hair I have finally learned how to do a basic french braid and this morning as I was attempting to twist my bangs back and braid my hair out of my face I discovered I know how to do an inside out french braid (which I am told is called a dutch braid) 

Snickers says hi :)
See my fun braid? :)

But YAY for fun braids that keep my hair out of my face while I am cleaning up sick :) haha. This brings me to my outfit of the day nothin' fancy just the good ol' t shirt and jeans ensemble but some fun braided hair :) 

Outfit of the Day :)

Ok, so I feel like this post is all over the place but that's kind of how I am I ramble a lot and I'm super random! So this is just the way it would be if we were sittin' and havin' a cup of coffee and shootin' the breeze in person (eh Kailly and Ashley?) I'm just me and all of my little quirks make me who I am :) So here are some random facts about me! 

1. I love Hippos they are my favorite animal! LOVE HIPPOS!!

2. My favorite food is sushi! (yes please!)

3. I ALWAYS have to keep my feet covered when I watch scary movies! (but I can't fall asleep wearing socks.. what!? go figure huh?)

4. Green Peanut MnMs are my favorite! (and I have to separate them by color and eat them one color at a time greenies last)

5. I am DEATHLY allergic to coconut! 

6. Sleeping Beauty is and always will be my favorite disney princess!

7. I am mildly obsessed with broadway musicals and love old timey singers and performers! (love me some Shirley Jones especially!)

8. I hate bubbles! Yes it's true and I have mini panic attacks when I encounter those transparent liquid spheres of DOOM! Child's play my foot! yuck! 

9. I used to mostly dream in black and white. 

10. I have my own coloring book that I color in when I get the chance. Strange but true. :)

  Well friends I gotta run I have some laundry to finish up and some heart happy chicken noodle soup to make for my little guys! I hope y'all are having a wonderful Tuesday and that the germs and grumpies steer clear of your house. :)

...keepin' it real and sending you huge hugs and tuckered out smiles...Shannon

Monday, February 25, 2013

Just another manic Monday

Happy Monday to you all! Of course, it's even happier now that it's nearly done - for the workin' folk! For the mommies and daddies... it's only half way through! :P Today on my way home from work, I heard an interesting theory on the radio. The DJ was talking about how there is a statistic out there somewhere that says that people tend to take more time to get ready and dressed for work on Mondays than they do the whole rest of the week. If I'm correct, it was that folks take close to an hour and a half on Mondays, compared to nineteen minutes on Fridays! That's quite the difference! But I realized that it's true. Now, while I may not take that much extra time in minutes, I do take the extra time in thought, because (let's face it) what mom or dad actually has an hour and a half in the morning to throw away just to put on some clothes!? Anyway... the theory is that people do this to make a good impression going into a new week. The DJ then questioned whether it was to make a good impression, or because you were out too late the night before, are hung over and still wearing the same clothes you did when you left the house Sunday night? lol Now... I thought about this for a minute, because, again, I realized that this really is true. I do tend to look nicer on Monday than I do during the rest of the week. I started to wonder why, and realized that it really just makes me feel good. Nobody likes Monday unless they work a non-traditional work shift and suddenly get Tuesday and Wednesday off! So, getting up on Monday is a bummer for most. But when I put a little extra planning and thought into my outfit - and then when I actually execute it well - I feel so much better about it being Monday!
----- What about you folks? Do you dress better on Monday? Do you take longer to get ready? Why do you think that is? OR... do you go the opposite way? Do you just roll out of bed and throw something on? Why do you think that is? 

On that note, I would like to share my OOTD (outfit of the day) with you. Shannon, Kailly and I came up with the idea of sharing OOTDs while I was still on maternity leave. Though I'm not sure who came up with it initially, it has continued to work as a motivator each day. Especially during my maternity leave, it encouraged me to just get dressed. Even if I didn't have the time or energy to take a shower, getting dressed and sometimes putting on even a little makeup would make me feel like I had accomplished something for the day. 

This is my "I tried extra hard today" outfit. The "extra" can't be seen, but I'm wearing skinny jeans with short boots, which are also 3 inch heels! :)

I thought I would share a bit about "a day in the life". So... here goes.

Any given day, I'm awake by 5:00am, feeding baby C, but I usually try to catch a few more Zs before we actually need to be up and getting ready for the day. By 7:00ish, I'm awake and MH is finishing getting ready for work. I go to the kitchen, throw my K-cup into the Kuerig and then go wake up baby C. I feed, change, and dress him and then I grab my cup of coffee. I try to shower the night before, so that I don't have to waste that valuable time in the morning. So... at this point, I approach my closet with my new post baby hips and boobs, and hope to find something that fits appropriately enough to wear in public... let alone work! After I finally find something and squeeze into it, I face the mirror to find a hairdo that will be convenient, yet cute. Usually, it ends up in a pony tail, with a tease, or a bun. (This is why I cut my bangs... with my hair up, I still get at least SOME dimension!) Eventually, I finish my makeup and by then, I'm rushing (no matter what, it seems) to start the car and let it warm up, before I load a diaper bag, my pumping bag, my purse, the car seat, baby C and myself into it! Then we are off to the sitter's! We are so fortunate that we have friends who have volunteered to watch C for us and they live nearby, which makes it all even better! Knowing that I'm leaving C with friends who we know and trust, makes it so much easier for me to work. Once I drop him off, I am off to work, one town over where I work as the Administrative Assistant for the City Parks and Rec department. It's a fun job, and all of the staff gets to wear so many different hats. Really, there isn't just one job that any one of us does! We all help each other out and do it all! I won't go into the tedious details of my job... especially since I just recently got back from maternity leave - right after the start of a new fiscal year (yay) - and there is a lot of catching up to do. Also... I throw in my pumping schedule at work, which is time that I'm not used to setting aside at work, so that's a whole new challenge. However, I am so lucky in that I am able to work part time! So... I start my day early(ish), and then I'm left with a good chunk of the day to spend with C, though I always have a good list of things to be done once I get home. 

--This list includes physical therapy twice a week. It's something that really is difficult to continue. You see, because of my EDS, I required physical therapy throughout my pregnancy. With EDS, loose ligaments is a normal every day thing, which leads to regular slipping or dislocation of joints, and chronic pain is an ever-present, unwelcome guest. So, after having C, my  joints and bones are just a MESS! After having the hormone relaxin released during pregnancy, my joints were loosened even more than they usually are already. So now, I have a lot of work to do to get things back to where they were before. (Which wasn't ideal to begin with.) It's hard work, but I will continue to try my hardest!--

Moving on...

I'm still getting used to this whole schedule, so I still feel as though there just isn't enough time with my little man each day, but I don't know that I'll ever feel differently. I constantly deal with this internal battle. I love my job and I really do enjoy being at work, but then I start to feel guilty for being happy to be at work, because what good mom enjoys being away from her baby? But then I remember that I'm doing this all for him. I have several pictures of him around me on my desk at work, so I just look at one and imagine the vacation that I want to take him on and calculate how much time I have to save and how far away that first goal is! That always motivates me to work as hard as I can while I'm at work. 

Anywho... once we're home, there's a little time for playing, chores (mostly laundry... cloth diapers, etc.); then Daddy is on his way home, so it's time to start dinner. Once MH gets home, I always try to make sure that he gets enough time with C, since he works 8 hours a day and doesn't really get much time with C before the weekends! I absolutely love listening to my boys play together. They really do have a special relationship that I will never have with baby C; then again, C and I have a special relationship that he will never have with Daddy. This is so beautiful to me! 

Now, in my day to day, I have a few specific "tools" that I rely heavily! My three most important possessions these days are: My Keurig - which provides me with the "water of life"; my baby swing - which almost instantly puts baby C to sleep when he's fighting naps... it always  soothes him, even if it doesn't put him to sleep right away; and last but ABSOLUTELY not least (this is really two, but they count as one thing to me) my Moby and my Wallababy. The Moby and the Wallababy are my baby wearing accessories. The Moby is best if C wants to feel more swaddled or be in a constant cradle hold. I can basically strap him to my chest and be hands free to still get stuff done around the house. The Wallababy is a bit faster than the Moby, and is a ring sling. This one is best if C wants to be right up against my chest, but not be held so tightly. The Wallababy is also wonderful to take with me when we go into town to get groceries, because then we don't need the stroller, and we can avoid taking the car seat out of the car and this is just invaluable! 
----- What are some of your most valuable possessions as a mommy? What can you just not survive without? 

Here are some random facts about me:

1. I love dance! I actually did ballet when I was younger, and then cheered in High School AND in College. When I watch any dancing on TV, I get goose bumps. It is such an emotional experience to me! 

2. I am 5' 2" and my husband is nearly 6' 6"! :P

3. I am nearly completely fluent in Spanish. 

4. I play the guitar... just not very well.

5. I play the French Horn - it was my main instrument for about 12 years.

6. I secretly always wished I could be a model! (Perhaps this is why I enjoy photography so much?)

7. I sincerely believe in the power and healing qualities of breast milk! 

8. I'm kind of a bit of a hippie. 

9. I love Hockey! Matt Duchene is my MAN! :D

10. I shiver uncontrollably when I'm nervous or emotional... my chin quivers and everything! 

Well, folks, that's all from me for today! It was fun sharing with you and I hope to hear from you soon! Share with us... we want to get to know you too! 

Zebra hugs! 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mrs. Army PolkaDot Mommy

Hey y'all my name is Shannon. I am the S. in ASK. 
Our family!

I am a proud army wife with an amazing hubbers (aka husband). We have been happily married for five years and goin' strong! We met in high school and decided we are such amazing friends we should get married and be friends til death do us part :)

My little MnMs :)

We have two incredible little boys ages 2 and almost 4!?  So toddlers are my current mommyhood experience. They are loud, messy, creative, talented little boys and they are absolutely the BEST! I love my littles more than life itself and though having toddlers is utter CHAOS it is 110% worth it to have my precious boys in my life!

I suppose this is the part where I tell you more miscellaneous facts about myself so first off, I will be a quarter of a century old in March. I LOVE POLKADOTS!!! I love to sing loudly and dance all the time and yes often in public (haha Kailly). I enjoy dabbling in all things crafty (knitting, sewing, cross stitch, painting, sketching, and creating my version of art) I love the smell of clean laundry and newly sharpened pencils... I'm random and have no mental filter (meaning I just speak and not necessarily eloquently and/or with poise) which lands me in some rather entertaining situations needless to say. I love smiling and making others smile and I do try often to make friends, family, and strangers laugh with my made up words :) I'm just me and I feel incredibly blessed to have my life!

I would not be the gal I am without the friendship of my two lovely cohorts! Life would be dreadfully boring without these gorgeous gal pals!


Ashley is a fantastic woman! She and I met in college as she stated in her post and my first impression was, "Wow! This chicka can sing her heart out and she is hysterical!" We ended up sitting together in choir and she invited me to live with her (I had a less than friendly dormmate at the time and was looking for another option ASAP!) Enter Ashley's kind heart and delightful personality! I completely think this was an act of God's mercy because not only did it immediately rescue me from an unfortunate roommate situation but He gave me a lifelong Sister to face the trials of college and throughout life! We have shared so much together countless memories! We have laughed together, cried together, and almost died together! (see Ashleys introduction post) I love Ashley as my Sister and she is the god mommy to my boys...  And whether it's a local shopping trip or missing a bus and speeding to the next bus stop or road tripping to California any time we are together that moment becomes an epic adventure! :) Ashley is a powerhouse! She is a ball of never ending energy she makes me laugh all the time. She is fairly new to mommyhood and she is a total natural! Baby C is so blessed to have her as his mama! She is brave, smart, talented, and one heck of a crunchy mama in all the BEST ways and she kicks serious booty! Seriously... Don't mess! ;) Ashley is amazing end of story she is fandibulously fun-derful and I am blessed to have her in my life!


Kailly is gorgeous, inside and out! Kailly and I met through Ashley and my first encounter with Kailly was at a Chinese restaurant in the old college town. Ashley and I met up with her and when I saw her I saw in a word Success! She walked in with her pretty blonde hair and her skyhigh heels clicking across the linoleum and I could just tell this girl is one determined look out world here she comes kinda gal! And she is! I have never met anyone in my life like the lovely Kailly! She is truly a one of a kind woman!  She is all kinds of fabulous wrapped up in adorable! When I think of Kailly I think about how she manages to be so put together you know those amazing women that wake up and look fantastic, that's Kailly! She is smart, inspiring, beautiful, and so unbelievably smart and resourceful! This girl can seriously bargain and will never take a bad picture in her life! I love that we have become such close friends! She is a gorgeous mama and her little ballerina baby N. is going to be just as stunning as her wonderful mommy! Kailly is so delightfully adorable with the most hysterical sense of humor. She always makes the best of any situation by making jokes and silly faces :) Love her! Kailly is just tops! Kailly really is the total package and manages to remain stylish and adorable in every situation! 

I really cannot say enough about these beautiful ladies (and I feel like I've written a short novel already) I am blessed to have each of them in my life! They both have inspiring life stories, a beautifully strong faith, they are incredible mothers and my very best friends! I wish we all lived closer but even despite the distance of our homes our hearts are forever joined in this beautiful God-given friendship and sisterhood! 

So to all of you readers be you mommies, fashionistas, bloggers, budget hunters, army wives, polka dot lovers, crafters, medical "zebras" and the average everyday girls next door, if you enjoy laughter and you like finding the joy in life stay tuned the ASK adventures/chronicles are just beginning :)

I hope that wherever you are you are smiling and happy! smiles and huge hugs from my crazy house to yours... Shannon

Kailly's Intro


My name is Kailly.

This is the life I live! I am 24 years young. I am married to my best friend, my other half, my soul mate, L. We have the most precious little girl, N. I like to call her princess, or biscuit. But, you know the whole "Honey Boo Boo" show? Well, they refer to their lady area as a biscuit, which has turned me off to using her nickname anywhere besides at home.

Any who, N is almost 9 months old. She is the light of my life, and the reason I breathe. She is the most awesome baby I know. Do you need an example? I have a great one, that literally just happened. L grabbed N to change her diaper. She was bouncing in her jumper, and had started to fuss. It's about her nap time! He opened her diaper and said "ohhhhhh, she poo'd." N's reply? Pure giggles. The good belly laughter. Pretty sure today is officially N-1, Daddy-0! Speaking of dipes, we used to cloth diaper, but quit due to over amounts of leaks, which led to over amounts of laundry... And, well, who ever wants more laundry? So, I sold them. Ahhh, the relief. N is still fed breastmilk, which I pump as we had huge breastfeeding issues. But, she still gets the nutrition, and we do it minus the screaming, kicking and crying... Things are much better this way! We co-sleep as well. I love every minute of sleeping with her, but we are slowly trying to convert her to a crib.

I am a stay at home mommy and devote my days to my princess, and the never ending mounds of laundry and dishes! I love it.

I am a bargain shopper. I put a whole new definition to finding deals, especially on groceries and baby supplies. I haven't paid full price for any clothing for N, besides a $5 skirt from Target, that I just had to have. Oh, and a cup with her name on it. (As a quick sidebar, when you grow up with  a name that is spelled so strangely, you quickly gather anything and everything with your kids name on it, at any cost!) I hope to show you all some of my tips and tricks!

My faith is very important to me and my family, as well. He has changed my whole life, and my outlook on everything. Since I "found" Jesus, my perspective of life shifted immediately. I won't preach to you though, unless you ask, and I won't force religion on you either. But, I may post scripture at the end of my posts.

I love ballet, pink, and life. I love being with family, hearing my princess laugh, and being a goofball. I love music, singing at the top of my lungs (when I'm alone), and dancing. I love exclamation points (can you tell?!) and writing, possibly way too much to the point I'm just talking about nothing. Hopefully you are all still with me!

On to my girls, my two "mom-a-teers." We group text every day, usually all day. We have since N was "knee high to a pigs eye." And, I couldn't imagine my days any other way.

Shannon and I haven't known eachother long, only a few years. She and Ashley met years ago, and I just started chatting with her one day via Facebook. Shannon loves God. I love that about her. She is also one of the most dedicated Army wives and Moms that I have ever seen. She is strong, and determined, but is easily the sweetest person I know. She thinks of others before herself and loves to a whole new definition. Shannon is always there for her friends. She will do whatever she can to make sure you have a good day. And, if she is having a bad day, she won't show it, rather she asks you how your day is first. She loves her boys MnM so much, and laughs through out her day, when most other moms would be locking themselves in the bathroom for a needed break. One fun thing about Shannon, is she loves to sing, and she loves to worship, and she has no problem doing so in public! When we were out shopping a few weeks ago, she just started belting it out in the middle of the store. I love when people do that :-)

Ashley and I go way back. I've known her half my life. How many people can truly say that?! After her and Shannons accident, we became inseperable. Her family became my family. Ashley is a new mommy to baby C. She is a great mom. She is truly dedicated to her son and her husband. She is also a working mommy. I haven't met many moms that can balance both well, but she does. She has been a wonderful friend to me for years. We have had crazy ups and downs, but she is always going to be one of my best friends. Ashley has a smile that lightens a room as soon as she enters it. She is funny, quirky, and an overall goof. That's why I love her so much. She also has a voice of an angel. Believe me, this girl can sing. But, she's humble about it. She is so motivating. In life, I've had some struggles, and she is always one of the first, if not the first, I turn to. She is uplifting, cheerful, and encouraging.

Rejoce in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. - Romans 12:12

The Zebra/Crunchy Mommy


Hello! My name is Ashley! I am 24, a wife to MH, and a mommy of one little boy... I shall call him baby C! I live in a small, rural community just a town away from where my husband and I met in college. I am what one would call a "medical Zebra". I have two rare, genetic conditions, which are a big part of my life. I have POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and EDS III (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: Type III/Hypermobile type). Unfortunately, both of these syndromes are accompanied by several other "issues", but that's my life and I can't remember ever being any other way. So to me, it's the norm! Life before mommyhood with two disorders was difficult enough, but now life has its own unique challenges. I also just so happen to be a "crunchy mommy". This means that I breastfeed, cloth diaper, baby wear, and believe in natural home remedies. I'm sure you have questions just from that quick little blurb, but as the ASK ladies post more, you will get to understand all of this in a lot more detail. ;) I love Photography, Psychology, and I LIVE for music... ALL music! My faith-life is a journey that is constantly moving in new and different directions, as I learn more and more about myself and discover the true depth of my spirituality. Basically, I love my life. :)


I have known Shannon for almost 7 years now. We met our Freshman year of college in the music department, as Music Performance Majors. When I first met Shannon, in our choir class, I thought this little blonde spit-fire was just too much. But as we got to know each other, I realized what kindred spirits we were, and I invited her to live with me in my dorm, since my roommate never showed up! :) We were pretty much inseparable that entire year! The following year, just before Christmas, Shannon and I were in a terrible car accident as we were on our way "home" to do some Christmas shopping and visit our families. We were also moving some of my belongings back home, as I had decided to take a semester off and move home for a while. We were driving over a mountain pass in some snow, when it suddenly became treacherous and we fish tailed. Suddenly, we smashed the driver's side into the mountain and rolled four times down the road. We were at the peak of the pass and were so close to going over the guard rail, but Shannon's quick thinking saved both of our lives, and I will always be grateful! This accident only brought us closer. I am God-mommy to Shannon's two littles and they make my heart SO happy! Shannon is my sister and one of my absolute best friends! She was a beautiful bridesmaid in my Wedding, and I couldn't have been more elated that she would come across several states just to be there for me! I am so glad to know her. She is quirky, creative, patient, strong and independent. She has dealt with situations in life that I could never imagine surviving and I truly admire her ever-growing strength, and constantly firm faith. 


I have known Kailly for about 12 years now and life has been a whirlwind! She was always the pretty girl in school and I always wanted to be her friend. As we grew up, we only became closer and closer friends. Kailly grew up fast, and is probably THE strongest woman I know. She has faced adversity that many people could never even imagine, and she has come out of all of it as beautiful, strong and courageous as ever. Her faith has only grown because of her circumstances and continuously teaches me about standing strong and not giving up just because something might be a little difficult. She is a wonderful mommy to the most beautiful little girl, whom I adore! We have been through plenty together, ourselves, but I don't even have the time to cover 12 years of our friendship. ;) Kailly was my Maid of Honor and I was hers. This was so special to both of us! Kailly is funny, sarcastic, a total pranskster, and she doesn't even know how beautiful she is. I am so happy to have her in my life and can't imagine not having her in it. She is also my sister and one of my best friends.

Both of these ladies are incredible and I look forward to many more years with them in my life! 

That's all for now folks! I send you each my love and hugs until next time! 

"Our lives are filled with simple joys and blessings without end. But one of the greatest joys in life, is to have or be a friend." - Author Unknown


Baby C and Me

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just A.S.K.

  Hello, and welcome to Just ASK Always! :) We are so glad you found us! Yes, us, this blog is a group collaboration. Three best friends, three mamas, and three budget savvy domestic divas extraordinaire! We are just here to share our journey in faith, motherhood, our individual wifestyles, and the adventure of life in general. We are not experts by any means but we are experts at being ourselves and telling it like it is :) This is our story...

We are Ashley, Shannon, and Kailly! just ASK :)

(In this picture we are pictured KSA haha)