Monday, September 30, 2013

Such Sweet Memories

Happy Monday and happy Fall, everyone! 

I hope I have found you all doing well and enjoying some cooler weather. I know we have been enjoying cooler temperatures. Over the weekend, we even had some snow flurries! They didn't stick at all, but we did have an overnight freeze of sorts. 

We have this big, beautiful tree in the front yard that froze, as did our bushes and grass! The leaves basically looked like they were glazed over, and were encased in ice. It was really cool! 

Anyway, as the seasons change, so do things in our lives. As we come into fall time, we come into new stages in C's development, and therefore, new stages in our lives. First, let me share on the sleeping front:

C's sleeping has really improved. Despite the fact that he was up a little bit extra last night, for the past week, he has only been waking three times a night to nurse, which is a huge improvement! My goal is to cut down by at least one more, but I'm not gonna push him if he really needs all three of those nursing sessions. Unfortunately, however, he recently discovered that standing in his crib and playing is much more exciting than sleeping. So, that has been a bit of a battle. I have to leave him while he stands and whines, but as soon as he starts screaming, I can go in, lay him down with his "snack" bottle and he is usually good again. But who knows? That could all change at any moment. In any case, this is much easier than battling him screaming and just not wanting to sleep or waking up every 2 hours! Yes, this I can handle. :) 

I have shared that C is becoming much more mobile, and it seems like every day he gets braver and braver. However, he isn't necessarily becoming more coordinated in conjunction with his bravery. I keep telling him that we can continue to baby-proof, but I am not able to remove the walls, so he really just needs to be more aware of his head. This kid is not easily harmed. Seriously... he doesn't cry easily when he bumps his head or falls down. It takes a good smack to get him upset, and typically he just gets more angry than anything. Anyway, as you can imagine from my implications, he is really pulling up on just about any- and everything and really walking along and between furniture. I expect him to surprise us and just take off any day now. And I am not ready at all! Haha! It's all just going way too fast. 

As fall sets in deeper and deeper, I reminisce on where I was this time last year: huge and pregnant. I keep thinking about how all my life, until last year, I dreaded fall and spring. They seemed and felt like useless seasons to me; just annoying transition seasons, until we could get to the fun ones. But last year, I could not wait for the cool-down! I had been blazing hot and sweaty all summer and according to MH, I was radiating heat as his "little human incubator" or "hot brick". Yeah... I agree. It was ridiculous how hot I was my entire pregnancy! Well into October, I insisted that the AC unit be left in our bedroom window. But it wasn't just the cooler temps. I knew that once fall time hit, I didn't have much longer until my little man would be in my arms. So, as I said, I have been reminiscing a lot lately. I've been looking at old pictures... a lot of them, which were never shared with others. Mostly pictures of immediately after C was born. Sadly, I only have a few of Baby C and me right after he was born. I definitely wish I had more, because we plan on having C as an only child, so that was "it" for me. Not that I have regrets... just a few wishes. ;) 

My little man was SUCH a peanut! He still is, sure, but compared to then... he has grown into quite the little boy! :) 

Anyway, as we head into fall, there is so much on the horizon! C will be turning one on 12/12, 7 days later MH and I will celebrate our third Wedding Anniversary on 12/19 and then 6 days later, Christmas! Although C was here for his first Christmas last year, he wasn't quite aware, so I am excited for this year and he'll be all prepped and practiced at unwrapping presents thanks to his birthday! I'm so excited, but also sort of in shock that his birthday is so close. I'm so proud of my little man and all that he has accomplished in his almost 10 months of life. I know he has so much more to learn and give in this world. I can't wait to watch him more and more! 

Well, that's all from me for this Monday post. Sorry it's mostly just me reminiscing and blabbing about C, but he is the center of my world! :) And sorry there are so many pictures, but trust me when I say that I held back. LOL! 

Zebra Hugs and Love,


P.S. Here is what size I was this time last year:

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