Sunday, September 22, 2013

They Told Me My Life Was Over

Hey all. Kailly and N here. It's been a while since I posted. Two weeks ago, a dear family member passed away unexpectedly. And, last week, N was in the hospital with the worst tummy bug I have ever seen. Poor girl. It came on so quickly, and she couldn't stop vomiting. She couldn't even keep pedialyte down, so we headed to the ER. All is well now. She and I have both had the virus and we're both doing well.

Any who, not sure what to blog on. My heart has been other places lately, and besides reading the girls posts, I have not even thought about the blog lately.

I guess I'll post about my biggest Mommy pet peeve.

I absolutely cannot stand when people say "well, once this happens, your life is over." Or, "oh, now that she is doing that, prepare for the worst."

Really, people? Maybe with most people, that is the case. I have even heard from another mom, that once her daughter started crawling her life was over.

Maybe I am different. When N first started sitting up on her own, I never thought life was over. When she started to crawl, I was so excited. It was a whole new adventure!

Then, when she started talking rather early, everyone said "life was truly over." Personally, the best time to me is when she talks. I love hearing her voice. I love hearing her say new words as she discovers the world. I love that she communicates so well for her age, and I soak it in!

When she was teething, everyone said welcome to the life of being bitten and sleepless nights. While she has had one or two nights that she hasn't slept well from teething, I think those are when we make the best memories. Those are the nights that she just wants to lie on mommy's chest, and I treasure every second of snuggles as I know one day (sooner than later), my princess won't want to snuggle anymore! And, with the biting, she tried a couple of times when she was angry (angry when I was buckling her in her car seat and she wanted to do it by herself!), and quickly learned that biting is not allowed as it hurts mommy. She hasn't tried since.

And, don't even get me started on walking, or "terrible twos."

If you think every stage as a parent is going to be awful, then it will be. That is what happens when you only look at the negative aspects of being a parent. But, if you look at things positively, and enjoy all the new stages and growth your baby is doing, you will enjoy everything! At least, that is how I try to do things! I am really enjoying watching her learn, grow, and develop into a little lady every day!

Any who, on to more happiness! N is doing so wonderful. She keeps playing peek a boo with me behind the laptop, and then running off laughing. She is such a doll. She is talking a ton! I feel like she has just blossomed into the sweetest little toddler lately!

Here is N from her birthday cake smash pictures. Taken by Shannon Coker Photography! I wanted to add one with her face but her outfit has her name on it. But, this is one of my favorite pictures! A little throwback photo!

I started Christmas shopping the other day as well! Never too early! And, the big Just Between Friends sale is coming up next week, so I'll have a haul post for ya'll after!

Hopefully I will be back on track with the blog soon. Have a good first day of Autumn!


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