Monday, September 9, 2013

Disconnect, disconnect!

Hello and happy Monday, everyone! 

Sorry I didn't post last week. Honestly, with the long weekend, it sincerely slipped my mind. It was a long weekend indeed. 

On Thursday, I packed Baby C and myself up and drove up to my parents' so that we could attend my uncle's memorial service on Friday evening. It was great visiting with family and sharing memories of my Uncle D and hearing stories I never had before. I feel like I even left the memorial knowing him better than I ever had before. 

Anyway, Baby C got to visit with his Auntie and Uncle and cousins and he just loved playing with all of them! Of course, he did enjoy spending time with his Yaya and Poppa (my mom and dad) as well, but that continued through the weekend. Saturday morning, we all got up early and my parents came back home with C and I, to visit until Sunday. It was a lot of fun just getting to hang out and visit. Sunday, we all walked to the park, which C loves, and had a little picnic lunch in our front yard. Unfortunately, C got his first real "boo-boo" at the park. I had him on my lap to go down the big slide, but had taken his shoes off. His little foot got sucked under my leg for a second and he got slide burn on his big toe! :( You all know what I'm talking about. Those dreaded plastic slides... I remember one time that I was wearing a skirt down a really big slide at a play place. You were supposed to sit in a burlap sack to help you slide better, but I remember my skirt getting caught and suddenly flying out of the bag half way down the slide, leaving me with some mad slide burn on my bum. :/ OUCH. 

Baby C is getting huge! He will be 9 months old this week and I can't even believe it! He is army crawling like crazy and getting braver and braver about standing and trying to crawl up on his hands and knees. Unfortunately, he is also going through a serious growth spurt. I feel so bad for him and MH and myself as well. He is so sleepy and teething and just miserable. But he has the best demeanor most of the day, unless he is sleepy and wants mommy. Then he is just unpleasant. He is up every 2 hours at night and pretty much nurses every 2 hours around the clock these days. I swear, he is not a newborn. He is more and more fun everyday though; and as his first Birthday nears, I constantly wonder about what he might become. What activities will he be involved in? Will he play sports? Will he ski? Will he dance? Will he sing and do band? Will he be a thespian? What will his passions and talents be? I can't wait to watch him grow and develop! But at the same time, I can. I'm not ready for my baby to be a big boy yet, and I know it will all happen just too fast. So I am cherishing each and every day.

There is one major step that I have taken recently in order to ensure that I am making the most of every day with my family... This is a little personal and honestly, a tad embarrassing, but I bet I'm not the only one out there that is like this... 

Over the last few months, MH and I kept bickering about how much time I would spend on Facebook... On my iPad, on my iPhone, whenever possible. It was becoming an addiction. I do have people that I am so very close to and I actually only get to interact with via Facebook. But I was checking my FB almost compulsively: During dinner, in the middle of a conversation, during a movie that was supposed to be "together time", before bed, in bed, in the middle of the night... you get the picture. I insisted that everything was fine and it was no big deal... I could just stop checking so frequently. But apparently, it wasn't as simple as I thought. So... I deleted my Facebook app from my phone. Sure, I can use my internet browser on my phone to check it, but it's really quite annoying. I still have it on my iPad, but that's really a lot less convenient as well. I found that something amazing happened once I made that disconnection: I had a lot more room for pictures on my phone! Pictures of Baby C; pictures of cute happenings in my house; pictures of C and his daddy and C and me; pictures of pretty things outside; C with the puppy and the kitty. And they didn't all need to go right on FB! Some memories can just be for me; some pictures can be just for my enjoyment, because it was a moment that I shared with my family. I realized that the whole world simply does not need to know my constant comings and goings; what I like and what I dislike; what Baby C did this morning or what he ate for lunch. Sure, I still share, but I feel like more of it is mine and mine alone. I didn't really understand what MH was referring to until I spent even a week without my FB app on my phone, but now I get it. I was missing out on my family. I have a very obsessive personality. Once I find something that I enjoy or want to be a part of, I repeat that same thing, watch, use it repeatedly... sometimes at the sacrifice of other things. There have even been days that I have had to stop myself from cleaning my house so deeply, because I sometimes start and suddenly begin to see dirt and dust and germs everywhere, and I suddenly have 20 projects that must be done. For me, FB was the same way when I still had the app on my phone. I even became defensive about it, and would get angry that MH was angry about my obsessive use. Honestly, though... I don't miss it. I have spent more time actually texting or calling people in the last 2 weeks without my FB app, than I have in at least months

Alright, well, this is gonna be cut a little short, because I have a fussy little man who would like snuggles with his mommy instead of bedtime. But I want to pose a challenge to all of you: decrease your media time. Take your FB app off of your phones. See what happens. I promise, it will be okay. You might even feel happier and more satisfied. 

To wrap this up, here are a few family photos that MH and I took with Baby C this weekend: 

Alright... Zebra love and hugs to you all and have a beautiful Monday evening and a fantastic Tuesday! 

Ashley :)

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