Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kailly's Intro


My name is Kailly.

This is the life I live! I am 24 years young. I am married to my best friend, my other half, my soul mate, L. We have the most precious little girl, N. I like to call her princess, or biscuit. But, you know the whole "Honey Boo Boo" show? Well, they refer to their lady area as a biscuit, which has turned me off to using her nickname anywhere besides at home.

Any who, N is almost 9 months old. She is the light of my life, and the reason I breathe. She is the most awesome baby I know. Do you need an example? I have a great one, that literally just happened. L grabbed N to change her diaper. She was bouncing in her jumper, and had started to fuss. It's about her nap time! He opened her diaper and said "ohhhhhh, she poo'd." N's reply? Pure giggles. The good belly laughter. Pretty sure today is officially N-1, Daddy-0! Speaking of dipes, we used to cloth diaper, but quit due to over amounts of leaks, which led to over amounts of laundry... And, well, who ever wants more laundry? So, I sold them. Ahhh, the relief. N is still fed breastmilk, which I pump as we had huge breastfeeding issues. But, she still gets the nutrition, and we do it minus the screaming, kicking and crying... Things are much better this way! We co-sleep as well. I love every minute of sleeping with her, but we are slowly trying to convert her to a crib.

I am a stay at home mommy and devote my days to my princess, and the never ending mounds of laundry and dishes! I love it.

I am a bargain shopper. I put a whole new definition to finding deals, especially on groceries and baby supplies. I haven't paid full price for any clothing for N, besides a $5 skirt from Target, that I just had to have. Oh, and a cup with her name on it. (As a quick sidebar, when you grow up with  a name that is spelled so strangely, you quickly gather anything and everything with your kids name on it, at any cost!) I hope to show you all some of my tips and tricks!

My faith is very important to me and my family, as well. He has changed my whole life, and my outlook on everything. Since I "found" Jesus, my perspective of life shifted immediately. I won't preach to you though, unless you ask, and I won't force religion on you either. But, I may post scripture at the end of my posts.

I love ballet, pink, and life. I love being with family, hearing my princess laugh, and being a goofball. I love music, singing at the top of my lungs (when I'm alone), and dancing. I love exclamation points (can you tell?!) and writing, possibly way too much to the point I'm just talking about nothing. Hopefully you are all still with me!

On to my girls, my two "mom-a-teers." We group text every day, usually all day. We have since N was "knee high to a pigs eye." And, I couldn't imagine my days any other way.

Shannon and I haven't known eachother long, only a few years. She and Ashley met years ago, and I just started chatting with her one day via Facebook. Shannon loves God. I love that about her. She is also one of the most dedicated Army wives and Moms that I have ever seen. She is strong, and determined, but is easily the sweetest person I know. She thinks of others before herself and loves to a whole new definition. Shannon is always there for her friends. She will do whatever she can to make sure you have a good day. And, if she is having a bad day, she won't show it, rather she asks you how your day is first. She loves her boys MnM so much, and laughs through out her day, when most other moms would be locking themselves in the bathroom for a needed break. One fun thing about Shannon, is she loves to sing, and she loves to worship, and she has no problem doing so in public! When we were out shopping a few weeks ago, she just started belting it out in the middle of the store. I love when people do that :-)

Ashley and I go way back. I've known her half my life. How many people can truly say that?! After her and Shannons accident, we became inseperable. Her family became my family. Ashley is a new mommy to baby C. She is a great mom. She is truly dedicated to her son and her husband. She is also a working mommy. I haven't met many moms that can balance both well, but she does. She has been a wonderful friend to me for years. We have had crazy ups and downs, but she is always going to be one of my best friends. Ashley has a smile that lightens a room as soon as she enters it. She is funny, quirky, and an overall goof. That's why I love her so much. She also has a voice of an angel. Believe me, this girl can sing. But, she's humble about it. She is so motivating. In life, I've had some struggles, and she is always one of the first, if not the first, I turn to. She is uplifting, cheerful, and encouraging.

Rejoce in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. - Romans 12:12

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