Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Love (Tuckered Out) Tuesdays!

Hey there friends it's Shannon! Hi, how are ya? :) Guess what? It's I Love Tuesday!! Why? Because I really love Tuesdays! My Tuesdays tend to typically be my most productive days. My get it done attitude seems to be at it's strongest on these days, maybe my subconscious is extra motivated that it is no longer Monday haha. I'm not sure but I just know that I have always enjoyed Tuesdays in particular over most other days of the week. Who knows I'm just a little crazy and I've made my peace with that awhile ago so no worries... :) Anyhow this particular Tuesday is not my most favorite as I have been tending to two pretty under the weather little guys. My poor little MnMs! *sad face* As a result of the yuck in the house today has been mostly unproductive in the house chores and tackling projects department but nevertheless we are going to make the best of our Tuckered Out Tuesday.

 We're all tuckered out because on top of moving into and unpacking our new place the past few nights I've been awakened by the unpleasant side effects of when littles have the upset tummy bug.... Poor little grumpies wake up in the middle of the night tossin' their cookies and burning up with a fever. So we haven't been sleeping much in this house ... fun stuff let me tell ya.

  I tend to have pretty bad bouts of insomnia that catch up with me every now and again so not sleeping is not an unusual occurrence for me but when I haven't been sleeping and finally get the chance to feel tired enough to sleep and it's interrupted for whatever reason, I'm sorry y'all I'm human, and I get grouchy. I feel badly because suffice to say I probably didn't have a very good bedside manner last night, but hey I'm a real mom! I didn't transform into a perfectly coiffed June Cleaver and have a smile on my face and a cold compress ready ... (wish I could have) but I startled awake (with my hair stickin' out every which way) to being yacked on and my instant reaction was "What the garbage!?" Yes of course I helped my little guy clean himself up and I snuggled him close and rubbed his back til he fell back to sleep but I really wasn't too chipper while doing it... but hey I'm a real mom! (can I get an amen?) I am not going to lie to y'all, I felt so awful for my little M last night but my human side was grumbling somethin' fierce... --Anybody else out there have those real mom moments??-- I just want to encourage all you mommies out there we all have off days (even on our favorite day of the week) nobody is perfect and we just have to shake it off and "soldier on in the trenches of mommyhood" :) I absolutely love my kiddos more than life itself and that will never change I just hope they start feeling better and sleeping again soon! :)

It didn't help my mood last night when my hubs reminded me that per the military wife/mom's equivalent of Murphy's Law he is going out to the field for a few days so it's just me battling the fevers and trying to keep up with the everyday chores for a while. --Do any of you other military wives out there feel like that?? -- Doesn't it just seem like whenever the guys head out for whatever reason (deployments, staff duty, field exercises, schools/training) something falls apart a little right before or right after he leaves?? Well that's how I feel and after thinking about it a bit while rocking little M back to sleep at 3am I decided it's because I just don't like when he leaves that it only seems like the "sky is falling" when he is not around... I just gotta say I really love that guy to pieces! :) 

  I have to tell y'all I'm super excited after several years and many hours of tangling my fingers up in my hair I have finally learned how to do a basic french braid and this morning as I was attempting to twist my bangs back and braid my hair out of my face I discovered I know how to do an inside out french braid (which I am told is called a dutch braid) 

Snickers says hi :)
See my fun braid? :)

But YAY for fun braids that keep my hair out of my face while I am cleaning up sick :) haha. This brings me to my outfit of the day nothin' fancy just the good ol' t shirt and jeans ensemble but some fun braided hair :) 

Outfit of the Day :)

Ok, so I feel like this post is all over the place but that's kind of how I am I ramble a lot and I'm super random! So this is just the way it would be if we were sittin' and havin' a cup of coffee and shootin' the breeze in person (eh Kailly and Ashley?) I'm just me and all of my little quirks make me who I am :) So here are some random facts about me! 

1. I love Hippos they are my favorite animal! LOVE HIPPOS!!

2. My favorite food is sushi! (yes please!)

3. I ALWAYS have to keep my feet covered when I watch scary movies! (but I can't fall asleep wearing socks.. what!? go figure huh?)

4. Green Peanut MnMs are my favorite! (and I have to separate them by color and eat them one color at a time greenies last)

5. I am DEATHLY allergic to coconut! 

6. Sleeping Beauty is and always will be my favorite disney princess!

7. I am mildly obsessed with broadway musicals and love old timey singers and performers! (love me some Shirley Jones especially!)

8. I hate bubbles! Yes it's true and I have mini panic attacks when I encounter those transparent liquid spheres of DOOM! Child's play my foot! yuck! 

9. I used to mostly dream in black and white. 

10. I have my own coloring book that I color in when I get the chance. Strange but true. :)

  Well friends I gotta run I have some laundry to finish up and some heart happy chicken noodle soup to make for my little guys! I hope y'all are having a wonderful Tuesday and that the germs and grumpies steer clear of your house. :)

...keepin' it real and sending you huge hugs and tuckered out smiles...Shannon

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