Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mrs. Army PolkaDot Mommy

Hey y'all my name is Shannon. I am the S. in ASK. 
Our family!

I am a proud army wife with an amazing hubbers (aka husband). We have been happily married for five years and goin' strong! We met in high school and decided we are such amazing friends we should get married and be friends til death do us part :)

My little MnMs :)

We have two incredible little boys ages 2 and almost 4!?  So toddlers are my current mommyhood experience. They are loud, messy, creative, talented little boys and they are absolutely the BEST! I love my littles more than life itself and though having toddlers is utter CHAOS it is 110% worth it to have my precious boys in my life!

I suppose this is the part where I tell you more miscellaneous facts about myself so first off, I will be a quarter of a century old in March. I LOVE POLKADOTS!!! I love to sing loudly and dance all the time and yes often in public (haha Kailly). I enjoy dabbling in all things crafty (knitting, sewing, cross stitch, painting, sketching, and creating my version of art) I love the smell of clean laundry and newly sharpened pencils... I'm random and have no mental filter (meaning I just speak and not necessarily eloquently and/or with poise) which lands me in some rather entertaining situations needless to say. I love smiling and making others smile and I do try often to make friends, family, and strangers laugh with my made up words :) I'm just me and I feel incredibly blessed to have my life!

I would not be the gal I am without the friendship of my two lovely cohorts! Life would be dreadfully boring without these gorgeous gal pals!


Ashley is a fantastic woman! She and I met in college as she stated in her post and my first impression was, "Wow! This chicka can sing her heart out and she is hysterical!" We ended up sitting together in choir and she invited me to live with her (I had a less than friendly dormmate at the time and was looking for another option ASAP!) Enter Ashley's kind heart and delightful personality! I completely think this was an act of God's mercy because not only did it immediately rescue me from an unfortunate roommate situation but He gave me a lifelong Sister to face the trials of college and throughout life! We have shared so much together countless memories! We have laughed together, cried together, and almost died together! (see Ashleys introduction post) I love Ashley as my Sister and she is the god mommy to my boys...  And whether it's a local shopping trip or missing a bus and speeding to the next bus stop or road tripping to California any time we are together that moment becomes an epic adventure! :) Ashley is a powerhouse! She is a ball of never ending energy she makes me laugh all the time. She is fairly new to mommyhood and she is a total natural! Baby C is so blessed to have her as his mama! She is brave, smart, talented, and one heck of a crunchy mama in all the BEST ways and she kicks serious booty! Seriously... Don't mess! ;) Ashley is amazing end of story she is fandibulously fun-derful and I am blessed to have her in my life!


Kailly is gorgeous, inside and out! Kailly and I met through Ashley and my first encounter with Kailly was at a Chinese restaurant in the old college town. Ashley and I met up with her and when I saw her I saw in a word Success! She walked in with her pretty blonde hair and her skyhigh heels clicking across the linoleum and I could just tell this girl is one determined look out world here she comes kinda gal! And she is! I have never met anyone in my life like the lovely Kailly! She is truly a one of a kind woman!  She is all kinds of fabulous wrapped up in adorable! When I think of Kailly I think about how she manages to be so put together you know those amazing women that wake up and look fantastic, that's Kailly! She is smart, inspiring, beautiful, and so unbelievably smart and resourceful! This girl can seriously bargain and will never take a bad picture in her life! I love that we have become such close friends! She is a gorgeous mama and her little ballerina baby N. is going to be just as stunning as her wonderful mommy! Kailly is so delightfully adorable with the most hysterical sense of humor. She always makes the best of any situation by making jokes and silly faces :) Love her! Kailly is just tops! Kailly really is the total package and manages to remain stylish and adorable in every situation! 

I really cannot say enough about these beautiful ladies (and I feel like I've written a short novel already) I am blessed to have each of them in my life! They both have inspiring life stories, a beautifully strong faith, they are incredible mothers and my very best friends! I wish we all lived closer but even despite the distance of our homes our hearts are forever joined in this beautiful God-given friendship and sisterhood! 

So to all of you readers be you mommies, fashionistas, bloggers, budget hunters, army wives, polka dot lovers, crafters, medical "zebras" and the average everyday girls next door, if you enjoy laughter and you like finding the joy in life stay tuned the ASK adventures/chronicles are just beginning :)

I hope that wherever you are you are smiling and happy! smiles and huge hugs from my crazy house to yours... Shannon

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