Thursday, February 28, 2013

Takin' Care of Business

Hello, everyone! Who else is excited that tomorrow is Friday!? Well... I start this blog still unsure of exactly what I'm gonna write about. So I'm just gonna write and see what happens...




Did you hear about the Pope? Crazy, right? Just kidding! 

I was going to write about cloth diapers, but it's been a crazy, busy day today and tonight has been a whirlwind in this house. So, I figure I'll hit on cloth diapers next time! Instead... I'm gonna share my day with you. 

My little man slept so well last night! Much better than he has been... he's definitely going through a growth spurt. So last night he only woke up twice and then we were up for the day by 7:00! As I was changing baby C, this huge wave of "I don't wanna go to work" hit me hard. Suddenly, all I wanted to do was stay home with my little guy and play and enjoy smiles and just cuddle all day. It took everything in me not to pick up my phone and put that call in to work to tell them that I would be taking a personal day. Since I've been at my job, I've only taken 2 sick days total, so I feel like I have this great record and I just started back at work. I was home sick with baby C just last week, so I've gotta just push through. I was already missing him while I was at work yesterday, but today was sincerely twice as hard! So, yes... I pulled myself together and got to work early, even! Fortunately, it was a busy day, so by the time it was over, I didn't even realize it had gone by so quickly! 

-----Let me interrupt momentarily to share a work story. Shannon insisted I share it and it almost made Kailly spit out her Pepsi. Anyway... I mentioned previously that it has been crazy since I got back from maternity leave, and especially so because I got back after the new fiscal year started. This means that I have a lot of old paperwork to go through and files to shuffle around to make room for the new year. I finally got through a bunch of the old purchase requisitions that were ready to be shredded. So... I headed down town to City Hall to use the big, industrial sized shredder. At my old job, even the industrial sized shredder couldn't eat staples, so I assumed (and a coworker agreed) that I needed to remove all of the staples. I started this specific project of shredding the old paperwork two days ago; but I just don't have time to spend hours upon hours, back to back, standing in front of a giant shredder, removing staples from stacks and stacks of paper. So I've had to split up this wonderful chore over several days. Today... I finally finished. My thumb and index finger were terribly sore from removing staple, after staple, after staple. So... my obligatory Facebook status was as follows: "In perfecting the art of staple removing in order to run copious amounts of paperwork through the industrial sized shredder at work, I have concluded that people seriously over-staple!" A few comments down, a co-worker and friend who had actually visited with me as I stood in front of said shredder, informed me of this: "You can shred with staples on that machine." Say whaaaaaaat!? Yes... I had wasted almost 3 hours over two days of my life removing hundreds, possibly thousands of staples from stacks and stacks of paper, so I could run said papers through a shredder that eats staples. *insert indignant, frowny face*. Back to the rest of my day...-----

Yes... my day still flew by, despite the big staple - shredder debacle of 2013. Then I had to stop and get baby C's birth certificate from the county (yes, finally). He's a real boy! hehe! Then I picked up C and had to get my hiney to physical therapy. I was SO exhausted, and C was hungry, but fortunately, I had pumped plenty while I was still at work so I was able to give the little man a bottle while I started my exercises. He did well and even gave smiles to our favorite assistant on her last day! I definitely got my butt kicked though. I guess this is just how physical therapy works, but if I go in and I'm feeling worse, I get my butt kicked; if I go in and I'm feeling better, I get my butt kicked. Haha... I guess it makes sense, but it's still exhausting! So, we finally got home, but our whole schedule of feedings while together was off. So I had to pump... it felt like it took me longer than it ever has before! Ever had one of those pumping sessions, mommas? Seriously... it felt like it took an hour! But I finally finished (I needed to replenish what I had given C of my pumped stash anyway) and got some play time and cuddles with my little man. But I was feeling pretty sore. I was waiting for MH to get home, but he had to run to the grocery store to pick some stuff up first. He called as he was about to drive away from the store, and it was a good thing he did, since our microwave died right as he was calling. So, he had to go back inside and find a replacement. Guess who got a fancy new microwave? Yay! 

... Yeah... I'm a wife and mom... I get excited about appliances. 

So MH finally got to sit down for some play time with baby C, which he missed out on last night and C was NOT happy about it! It was important to both of them to get that time together tonight. But C was tired! So daddy went into our room to help get him ready for bed and found that our wonderful cat, Zoe, had peed on our bed. Yay. Ugh... so, I changed a tired and fussy C and got him in his PJs then handed him off to daddy so I could change the sheets and clean up. I was already sore and tired and my back was aching when I totally threw out my back and a hip while changing the sheets. Now I have a slight limp. It's not so fun. *insert pouty face*  MH did SO good with our little cub, though, and got him to PASS out by singing "Hey Ya" to him. Hahaha! Hey... whatever works, right? So, we finally got our little angel down. And that was our Thursday! 

I will have to post my OOTD tomorrow as I am unable to get it to load currently! 

Now, here are a few more random facts about me:

1. Teen Mom 2 is my guilty pleasure
2. When I was little, I wanted to be a dolphin
3. I was born in Texas, and often wonder if I would be considered an alien, should they actually secede from the country.
4. When I was little, I told my little sister that we had a brother who died, and we could see him in heaven; but I got to see him first because I was smarter.
5. I wanted to play flute in elementary school, but my parents wouldn't buy me one and the only instrument available to rent from my school was a French Horn! 
6. For a brief moment, MH and I seriously looked into getting a mini pig for a pet. 
7. I am terrible at doing hair and makeup, but am very particular about my nails and love decorating them with designs! 
8. My absolute favorite movie of all time is The Little Mermaid! She is my favorite Disney princess,
9. I have an extra bone in my right foot
10. I find moths to be THE most terrifying living things on this planet! 

Well, that's all from me for today! I hope you all have a fabulous Friday!!! 

Zebra Hugs! 

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