Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Random Ramblings and Projects of a Polkadot Preggo

Hey yall Shannon here :) it feels like I havent posted in like 9 years but this is because my blogger app likes to eat my posts and not publish them urgh! Sorry for missing my post days though its been busy busy here lately!

So what's new?? Well for one thing my MnMs have been experiencing some pre baby regression lately Big M has reattached himself to his old baby blankie and Little M (soon to be my sweet Middle M) has been trying to wiggle his way back into mommy amd daddy's bed with those great big blue eyes of his... I'm such a sucker for late night snuggles though haha

Other news we have been making room for Baby M this includes moving my Scentsy office and designing a nursery for our sweet Baby boy! I think because we have done this a few times around we have decided to keep the nursery very simple and opt out of an actual crib for the first fww months anyway we are making more of a nursery corner in our room for the first little bit because we all know its way easier to accomplish late night feedings when baby is only a few steps away as opposed to the nursery down the hall. :) 
Other more recent developments of the day included attacking the boys' room I swear that is the most daunting task in the whole house these days! So I sent the boys in to go do a toy scramble and clear the majority of the floor so mommy can vacuum this quest to find the floor of course turned into a treasure hunt and the discovery of long buried treasures and forgotten toys... insert mama comin in and reminding them where toys belong and that its not time to play it is time to clean up our room. Sometimes it feels more frustrating to get them to clean than it would be to just clean it myself but I refuse to be the mom that cleans up everybodys messes and doesnt teach them personal responsibility so on we struggled and the end result is a clean open room with an open playroom and their own newly picture labeled dresser! :) yay for checking that off the neverending list!!
  Also am readopting the big toy purge and store technique lately the MnMs interest lies in cars, dinosaurs, books, and their beloved soccer balls so mama decided to remove all the other toys and stick with the basics it makes no sense at all to keep toys in there that have been long forgotten so I have been going through amd purging those useless happy meal toys and storing the forgotten favorites in the garage until the latest toys become old news and then I will purge those and pull the old switcheroo on the toy bins :)
  I am still working through out of season clothes storage for the boys and for Baby M too think I have finally settled on my method. It has been quite a trial as Big M and Middle M are about the same size except for pants (Big M is getting so tall) and I am attempting to recycle some of their good condition clothes into Baby M hand-me-downs (waste not want not right?) So my method of choice for Baby M is going to be those stackable drawers or hanging closet cubbies! And for my bigger littles I am choosing the rule of 3-5 when I have washed and folded 3-5 shirts per little the rest will be stored in good ol sterlite storage tubs one tub for all Big M's extras and one for Middle Ms extras too. Hopefully this will help contain the massive amounts of "little things" in my house and help me to shop less and do less little laundry :) fingers crossed right? :)

  Now, don't think I'm innocent in the clothes clutter situation I have recently discovered that I have a closet that leads instead of Narnia to a long forgotten land of clothes from ages past... it's fantastic having an outfit from every stage in my life and a giant t shirt for every day of the week (for 3 weeks) *please note the sarcasm* but I believe it is time for me to bid these old pals farewell and retire them to the donation box or the circular filing cabinet :) somehow I find this incredibly difficult as if my clothes of days gone by are suddenly near and dear to my heart and impossible to part with (anyone else?) But that is on the ever growing seemingly endless to do list.

  My next few projects include redoing my linen closet, purging old and making way for the new, and re organizing my Scentsy office and inventory!! Exciting news I am international and now officially able to sell Scentsy Fragrance and sponsor new recruits in Canada and Mexico so if you or someone you know are interested in joining my team or getting your FREE fall/winter catalog let me know my email is (the longest email ever haha) or you can always check out my website!!

  I have been pretty crazy busy but I am lovin' every minute of this adventure called life! So excited we are getting closer to meeting precious Baby M we are officially 25 weeks today and little fella is not shy about making his presence known I just love the thumps and bumps throughout the the day reminding me another precious blessing is coming soon to our family!  :)  My big littles are zonked out now so I am going to head off to dreamland too but I really wanted to attempt a blog update for y'all!

Love each of you and wishing you all the sweetest of dreams!
Sleepy smiles preggo hugs and some extra late polkadot loves from my house to yours! Goodnight and great 'morrow... Shannon :)


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