Friday, March 1, 2013

Fantastic Friday to you Friends

Hey y'all it's Shannon again! :) 

 Happy 1st of March and Happy Friday! How are you today? It's March!! My favorite month! The sun is shining bright here and we are having a great day! TGIF eh? (although sometimes isn't it like oh yea I'm a mom the weekend means playing catch up on laundry and whatever tasks were missed throughout the week... yep me too. haha) Well Fridays are still good news because it means that our family gets some good quality time together. --How about y'all? How do you spend your weekends?--

Well when last I posted the little MnMs were fighting the sick and I was rather grumbl-y. Happy to report we are not sickies anymore and the grumbling is replaced with singing and laughing and impromptu tickle wars. Little M and myself still struggle with allergies but we're pretty much used to that so we are all in good spirits today. Could have somethin' to do with the fact that Hubbers is home from the field and treated us to a dinner out last night :) yummy yum Applebees love me some chips and spinach artichoke dip!  It was all super delicious and well it's always nice to just get out of the house sometimes, am I right? :) Thanks Hubs love you! ;)

Update on Unpacking: 
I still have a garage full of boxes to unpack so we can "move-in". Most of the kitchen is unpacked, however, my Keurig coffee maker is still currently MIA!?! *sad face* (MIA is Missing In Action for those not familiar with the oh so many acronyms of the military)  So priority number one for me is find Keurig! haha. The littles have new big boy beds with built in dressers underneath (thank you tax return haha) and they each get to have their own room. Up until now they have been sharing a room so the transition is new and exciting for all of us! We are so incredibly blessed to have a place to call home (even if it is temporary due to the frequent moves of the army wifestyle...) But this is where we are for now and I am rejoicing to have a roof over our head in a safe, quiet, and  friendly neighborhood!! That definitely qualifies as a TYL which is a "Thank You Lord!". (a Shannon acronym) :)

 So other than officially moving in we are endeavoring in potty training again... oh boys! My boys are proving to be very tricky in this department unfortunately. When we were stationed in Louisiana I almost had big M completely potty trained and thought "whew, this is a breeze" then we had little M and Daddy got deployed again. Then when Daddy got back we packed up the house and moved to Texas. So his whole little world has been flipped upside down more than a crazy flippy, spinny roller coaster?! So I have been trying to give the boys some time to adjust to their new surroundings and trying to let them feel comfortable in our new place before we just dive in to even more everyday changes for them. That may sound cooky to some of y'all and that's ok they are my boys and it is my God-given right as their parent to raise them to the best of my ability and according to His precepts :) I hope y'all feel that way too about your littles it is nobody else's cotton pickin' business how you decide to train up your little ones so if someone is overly critical of you, just smile and tell them to go kick rocks! :) I got your back! :)

Here's a scripture to think about as we learn and grow with our children today:

"Train a child in the way he should go. When he is old he will not depart from it. ~Proverbs 22:6

  I think that as mamas we face far too much undue pressure to be perfect! I think that women in general face too many of society's unrealistic expectations of us. We're never going to look like models in a magazine because let's face it even models and actresses don't look like that after all the retouches and photo shop editing?! But as mommies we face the expectation to lose the baby weight right away and it's as if society expects us to magically transform into the stepford housewife and mom. It's completely unrealistic to put those expectations on women and especially on mamas. When I was getting down on myself after having my second baby my sweet Hubbers said one of the most influential things I've ever heard about my ongoing battle with losing that pesky baby weight, he said, "You're being too hard on yourself babe, you are only 2 months postpartum and you have basically had two babies in two years it took time to put that weight on you NEED to give yourself time to lose it too" he then also reassured me that I'm still beautiful and that he married me for who I am and not how I look! Have I mentioned that I love him and that he is just the best!! But ladies it's true we don't just wake up the next morning with a ginormous pregnant belly it takes time to gain the baby weight don't be so hard on yourselves give it time and stick to it and that weight will come off. --Would you like some of mine and my cohorts weight loss tips and tricks in an upcoming post? Let us know-- Ashley and Kailly are just amazing women that are already skinny minnies again and they still have younger babies?! :) You go ladies love both you hot mamas!! :) 

But the point is don't be so hard on yourself as a mama everyone makes mistakes and bad days happen. You got this just shake it off and keep giving the best of yourself for your littles! We are responsible for raising our children into potential leaders of their future let's give them our all! :) Just know that nobody is a perfect parent but that's ok God gave your kiddos to you specifically because He CHOSE you to be that little ones mama! There has to be a reason y'all because God doesn't make mistakes! :)

Ok now I will step off my soapbox it just upsets me when I see wonderful, amazing, beautiful mommies giving everything for their children whose babies are happy, healthy, and wonderful kiddos, get overly criticized to the point where they start believing the lie that they are "bad mommies" Been there done that and I refuse! I won't ever let anyone make me feel that way about myself again in my life! Neither should you if you are doing the best you can and would give anything for your sweet baby or littles by definition you are a good mama doin' her best and no one, NO ONE can ask you to do more or be better than your best so if they aren't building you up and encouraging you simply dismiss what they had to say it's not going to build you up so why dwell on it and let it affect you in any way? Right? Alright I think I'm off the soapbox now I still had one foot up there on the box sorry haha. 

Random facts about me and my littles:
- I love broccoli so does big M.
- My littles are 15 months apart.
- Our doggie is a daschund aka doxie named Snickers.
- Mine and Big M's birthdays are both in March.
- Hubs and Little M's birthdays are both in June.
- We adopted Snickers from the Humane Society when I was pregnant with little M.
- She got her name because while we were trying to pick her name I had a craving for a Snickers bar.
- I'm odd and I salt and eat the lemon slice that comes in my iced tea. 
- I HATE feet! I don't like when people touch mine and I dislike touching others feet. I literally grit my teeth while I get a pedicure.
- Once Upon a Time is my favorite show on TV and Finding Bigfoot is a guilty pleasure of mine haha. :)

 That does it for me today I have my own precious littles to raise up! :) I hope you each have a fantastic Friday and that you are surrounded by people that build you up everyday! I want to remind you, yes YOU, the one reading this right now you are beautiful and you are loved and you are amazing! I hope you really believe that about yourself because you may not be "perfect" BUT you are the perfect YOU and there is not another you in this world so be the best you, you can be! :)

oopsies... almost forgot my OOTD (outfit of the day)...
so here it is... 

(me being quite comfy)

off to find my Keurig now but sending you some Texas sunshine and fantastic Friday smiles and hugs... Shannon :)

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