Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bouncing Baby Bumpdate

Well hey yall I am so excited to share our latest baby Bumpdate!!!

Pink or Blue, Pink or Blue????

Well I am thrilled to announce we are definitely team blue in our house!!

We are so happy and proud to introduce you to our third son Baby M! :)

So yes friends our home is very blue with my three sons :) we have the three Musketeers now or as my funny hubby said, "Now we will have a linebacker, quarterback, AND a runningback!" Haha we shall see Honey!  As for me I am absolutely thrilled to be bringing another baby boy into our home! :)

A few people asked me if I was disappointed that we arent having a girl this time and I laughed, "heck no I am pleased as punch because while I think baby girls are beautiful and precious and it would be fun to experience having a daughter.  I really get boys I have done this before and I know what to expect. Raising my boys is a wonderful and messy and chaotic process and so I am already prepared for that! I just love my boys and adding our precious Baby boy M to the troop just fits :) We are absolutely blessed and truly couldn't be happier!! :) yes, my house will continue to be loud and crazy and always a bit messy but that's because we are raising imaginative, smart, creative, rowdy, ever busy busy boys and that is just perfect for me :) I love my boys to the moon and back, and wouldn't trade our silly, messy, crazy days for all the pink in the world! :) so to my rowdy troop of boys I love you more than chocolate, higher than the sky, and will treasure you always because you are my boys and you are the best most wonderful blessings of my entire life!

Anyhow yall thank you for sharing our wonderful news and for celebrating with us! Welcome to our troop Baby M we love you already!! Three cheers for our three little Musketeers! :)

Wishing you some bright sunshine and a day full of little hugs and smiles ... from me and my three sons snuggles and hugs and some extra BLUE preggo polkadot love
... Shannon:)

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