Monday, August 12, 2013

The day after that Sunday Funday...

Hello, all! Sorry that I'm posting a little late. I will be honest... I almost completely forgot. In any case... here I am! I have been considering what to post all day and it has been hard to decide. So much is going on! 

Let's start with the fact that as of today, I have an 8 month old! I can't even believe it! He will be 1 year old way too soon! Baby C scoots around really well on his tummy, and employs a combo of rolling, scooting and army crawling to get himself around. He is getting fast, too! I really have to watch him! He is also fearless! I find this to be both good and bad. He gets really excited to try new things and is very willing, but sometimes tries things before he is ready. Example: He loves to stand... he has since he was teeny tiny. But now, he will hold onto our fingers until he spots something that he would like to go get. Then, he tries to let go. Problem: he only walks backwards while holding onto our hands, and he has no balance on his own yet! Haha! He can hold himself up while holding onto a piece of furniture, but he's not so good at moving the top and bottom of his body at the same time. In any case, it is still just so amazing watching him explore and learn about his environment and how he fits into it. He's also learning a lot of cause and effect. C can now say "momma", and enjoys making "b" sounds. His favorite food is still bananas, but he does like carrots and mangos a lot as well. 

I didn't get to do his pictures today, as I usually do on each "new" month of Connor's life. We had a busy weekend and last night was a rough one. On Saturday, we made a day trip up to see my family, about 3 hours away. Long story short, my parents had a washer to give to us... a front loader! Woohoo! I love it so far! It's incredible what a difference it has made! Our old washer still works, but it doesn't spin very well. So, I was pulling clothes out soaking wet, and was having to dry a single load of laundry (even a relatively medium-small size) for at least two hours. This washer is already making the biggest difference with our cloth diapers! I washed a load, and while the liners were in the dryer, I put the shells on the line to dry and they were just about done by the time the liners were! 

While we were up visiting my family, we celebrated my older sister's birthday and went swimming! C had fun, though it was a tad bit chilly outside. I have a big goal of not allowing him to be afraid of water. I never really got to take swimming lessons when  I was little, so I still sometimes have a quick surge of fear that I have to overcome when on a lake or (much less frequently, when I'm near the ocean). So, I took the opportunity to dunk him a few times, and he reacted really well! I don't know if any of you has ever heard of Infant Self Rescue Swimming lessons, but it's pretty awesome, and I wish that they were held nearby, but also, not so expensive! If you haven't heard of ISR, you should look it up! It's pretty incredible. Anyway, after my sister's birthday, we got the washer loaded and headed back home. Baby C slept the whole way, even when we hit some really hard rain and could barely see. It really was pretty crazy conditions! But we got home without event, got C to bed and passed out. But he didn't sleep well. He was up 4 times that night, making Sunday exhausting.

Sunday we celebrated MH's dad's birthday, but most of the day, just caught up around the house. MH got the new washer set up and we enjoyed the speed of the loads and how much more easily each load dried! It was fun celebrating another birthday in the family, but C had had enough. He only wanted me or MH or his Great-Nani the whole time. That night, he just was not ready to let mommy and daddy "go". He was up 2 hours late, and kept screaming every time we tried to put him down, get him to sleep, or put him in his crib. After a while, he finally fell asleep in my arms while I held him, and once I got him into his own bed, he only technically woke up once at 3:40, and then again at around 6:45 this morning. I nursed him and then he passed out again around 7:15 and slept in a bit. His schedule was just off all day today, so he did end up going to bed a little early. Im just hoping tonight goes better. He is signalling that he could be cutting another tooth that we don't see, but I just don't know. The poor kid could really use a break with the whole teething thing. Have I said how much I hate teeth? 

Well, this is going to be a bit short and more of an update of our weekend. Thanks to my EDS, I've been having a lot of problems with my hands lately. And last night when C and I fell asleep, I did so in a very bad position that had me almost screaming in pain when I woke up. So, I'm just a little bit of a sore mess tonight. But I'll share some pictures of my big 8-month-old on our Facebook page when I take them! Hoping to get them done tomorrow! :) 

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Zebra Hugs and love,

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