Friday, August 23, 2013

Random facts of Kailly and N!

Hey everyone. Kailly here. It's been a bit quiet here lately. Please keep my blog buds in prayers. Ashley has been having a lot of pain with a dislocated shoulder. Shannon's daddy has been in and out of the hospital this week with stroke related problems. So, if you're the praying type, pray for them and their families.

I don't have much I feel like posting on, so I thought I'd let you all get to know me a little better with some random facts!

- I drive a Kia Sorento.

- N is seriously addicted to cheese.

- I don't really like cheese.

- My husband and I have completely different parenting styles. This has led to a few headaches.

- I love Disney movies. Faves? Little Mermaid, Beauty And the Beast, Finding Nemo.

- We are unsure if we will have another baby. Though, I think we will. Names are already chosen!

- L and I honeymooned in Mexico!

-N has 6 teeth and molars are almost in.

- I am considering opening a home business of tutus, bows, and bow holders.

- I like to shop for N, probably way too much. But, with how my mom raised me, I just can't help wanting to always give her the best.

- I'm close to my Dad, step mom and step dad.

- I have dreams that tend to come true within days. I've always felt it was a curse, but I'm learning how to find it as more of a gift.

- I pray before meals, and over my family before bed every day. I can't sleep until I pray.

- N loves to swim.

- N talks really well for her age. She is 14 months now. She shakes her head "yes" or "no" when I ask questions. She also is starting to put words together such as "hi mama." "I love you," "bye dada," etc.

- Currently, her favorite words are Lylla (our dog), and mama. My favorite thing is when she tosses her hands in the air, as In a duh statement.

- I worry that I may not be the best mom, but I give 1 million percent to my daughter daily.

- My best friend will be flying to CO in less than 2 weeks! My Daddy will be here 2 weeks after that!

- it takes me 30 minutes to get ready. That includes showering, blow drying my hair, straightening it, makeup and getting dressed. I hate taking time to primp so I've learned to do it quickly.

- N was born on the same day as her best friend! They are 10 hours apart :)

- N still picks out her outfits everyday! And, we still tend to match, unplanned!

Any way, N is wrapping up breakfast as I type beside her. She slept in late since she has a summer cold. Though, today she seems much better!!!! I'm doing a happy dance!

Today, we will be doing a quick grocery store run, as well as a play date with a bestie and her kids! Other than that some rest and relaxation to make sure my princess continues to get all better!

See y'all later!


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