Thursday, August 8, 2013

Oh Baby!

Hey friends! Shannon here :) how was your day? I hope it was excellent! Our day was pretty nice and relaxing. A very laid back day with my kiddos we played and rested today no crazy stories unless you count my MnMs kidnapping the peanut butter jar and snacking in their closet haha. Other than that though a pretty laid back kinda day. Which is awesome because I have been waking up around 2am for the past two weeks unable to go back to sleep so I have been rising before the sun and powering through my to do list before the boys are awake so im pretty tired these days and oh yea im still growing a tiny human inside me so that's sleepy business too haha

  Back to today made some phone calls and got to chat with some pretty wonderful people including my lovely lady cohorts, Kailly and Ashley! The boys and I ran a few errands with another great friend and then got back and played and watched brother bear I dont know how many times! :) I got some good snuggles in today too! Then my MnMs decided to ambush attack me with a tickle fight they sure are some sneaky little ninjas sometimes haha... but they thought that was pretty funny and Big M went for my belly and asked "am I tickling baby mom" that made me grin ear to ear today! Then Little M wanted to talk all about Baby which just melted my heart :) and I asked him the million dollar question everyone has been asking me lately and got the most beautifully honest answer possible. I asked him as so many people have been asking me whether he wanted us to have a baby boy or a baby girl and he paused for a moment and looked up at me and smiled the most adorable smile and patted my tummy and said, "I just want a baby mama... just a baby" at first I thought maybe he didnt understand the question so I tried a different question, "Matthew do you want a baby brother or baby sister?" He looked at me and said, "mama I just want that baby" as he gestured to my ever growin baby bump. And it hit me he honestly doesn't care boy or girl he just wants this baby, our baby that is growing in mamas tummy. It was such a beautifully honest moment and amidst all the wonderful chaos of making way for a new bundle of joy my 3 year old son was able to be content and not cast his vote pink OR blue but just see the beautiful truth that this baby is OUR baby no matter if we are having a boy or girl this is our blessing God has chosen to give to our family! I've been asked a hundred times what I want a boy or girl and my answer is this, "I feel like another boy would just fit right in and be perfect and of course I would like to have a girl and add some pink in our house but the truth is like Matthew I just want THIS baby I am so incredibly in love with our little precious bundle already! And dont get me wrong it is fun to imagine who this little one will be but the purest joy in my pregnancy that I have found is simply loving THIS baby, our precious amazing miracle! My friend Mallory said something to me today that just touched my heart and resonated with absolute truth, she said, "God will give you whatever is meant to be. :) He or she will be the perfect fit to your family! God will bless you abundantly" I love that and it is the truth God has already blessed us and when we have our baby we will be abundantly blessed by our third child because God chose THIS baby growing right now for our family! And God doesnt make mistakes so I cant wait to see our baby and meet him or her but more importantly to welcome Baby into our family knowing with absolute certainty that our baby is the perfect addition to our family!

  Well yall I hope you have a wonderful night and get some good snuggles in with the loved ones in your life! Goodnight to you all I'm off to bed. :)

Wishing you very pleasant dreams and beautifully happy families... smiles and snuggles from my house to yours... Shannon :)

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