Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Very Belated Bumpdate!

Hey y'all Shannon here. Sorry I've been pretty much MIA lately. Raising toddlers and growing a baby at the same time is for sure a full time job!! :) but speaking of growing a baby ...

 BUMPDATE!!! We are 16 weeks along today and both growing and healthy :) I have been feeling little thumps and flutters the best way to explain it is it feels like a little cricket scurrying across the inside of my belly :) it's so amazing to feel the movements of our unborn child!  I have always loved that the most when I am preggers! The feeling of carrying another life inside of me is the most amazing experience! Knowing that we are being blessed with another precious baby my heart is full to bursting I am so excited to find out whether we are staying team blue or adding a little pink to our little family!! We will be making that announcement at the end of this month :) and I can't wait! 

 We have been very busy these days getting ready to travel to see family we are all super excited to get out of the desert for awhile!!! I feel so incredibly blessed that we are able to travel and that in our travels the Just ASK team will be reunited for a bit :) I just love my wonderful friends and I'm SO excited to see my partners in crime! Ashley and Kailly I cannot wait to see yall!!! And i just cant wait to give princess N and little Mr C great big hugs!  

I am so excited for our upcoming family vacation and I hope to keep posting short vacay updates for y'all but if I don't get a chance to post much please forgive my absence again :) love y'all and hope y'all are having a fandibulously amazing summer and have a Happy Independence Day America!! God bless the USA! I hope y'all have a wonderful day with your friends and family and remember the soldiers and families that aren't able to be together right now. To my sweet friends that are in the middle of a deployment right now and for you friends that have soldiers that are deploying soon I will be praying for you and your soldiers they are the reason we can continue to celebrate our Independence Day! The land of the free BECAUSE of the brave!! God bless you all and goodnight! 

Our little MnMs checking out one of the tanks on post in front of the museum. :) 

Red, white, and blue hugs and polkadot preggo love... Shannon :) 

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