Monday, July 22, 2013

My turn Monday Update

Hello, everyone and happy Monday! Sorry you didn't hear from me last week. As I mentioned to you all on Monday evening, I had a very upset baby boy who cut his second tooth. Tuesday didn't prove to be much easier. 

We're doing better though. The weekend was a little difficult. If you remember, I mentioned that MH and I were going to be playing a gig with the band that we're in. Well, we played Friday night, and it went well, but no one showed up. There are several details, but basically, we won't be playing at that particular bar again. We'll be happier to stick to other venues. 

Anyway, it was our first night away from baby C and it was so hard for me to let him go. The report is that he did well, but he just wanted to be with MH and I all the next day. He was not interested in napping, which was even harder on him, since he just didn't sleep as much as he normally does. He was just fussing and fighting all day and wanted to nurse and nurse and nurse. I, of course, let him. But I was exhausted too! It's not as though I slept long and deeply, just because I didn't have a baby to get up with. MH and got home around 2:15/2:30, and finally got to bed around 3:00. So, we slept until about 8:30. Still not a whole lot of sleep there. I probably didn't fall asleep until about 4:00. It was so weird not having my baby boy here! Still... it was nice to get out for a night and have a good time with my husband and some friends! 

This is going to be a short post, and I hope you'll forgive me. I have a post I'm really wanting to write, but I want to be sure and do my research first. In the meantime, this next week, MH and I are going to start "juicing". I recently completed a 30 day ab challenge. I've been following up with a daily exercise and fitness app on my phone so I can maintain the progress I've made. I can truly say that I'm in the best shape I have ever been in and MH agrees! He says that I was tiny when we met, but I've never looked better! It's so nice to hear, having a 7 month old. So I'm working to move MH and I to a healthier overall lifestyle. The workouts and exercises don't mean a whole lot if I don't maintain a healthy diet. This is all stuff that I want to pass down to baby C. I don't want him to grow up in a house full of junk food. I didn't. But when I moved out on my own, I realized that I could eat how ever I wanted to! I didn't appreciate the healthy way of living and eating that my mom and dad had introduced us to at a young age. Now, as a mom, I want to ensure that both MH and I will be around for a long time and that C will grow up strong and healthy. One of my biggest fears as a mom is that he could end up being obese. So... healthy, pure juices will be introduced to our diet next week, once I have finally picked up the juicer and all of the recipes and ingredients! Because MH and I are not the same body types, we will not necessarily be juicing with the same recipes. There are SO many out there! There are recipes for weight loss, heart health, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, immunity boosts, and oh, so much more! I hope to chronicle our journey and results here with all of you! 

Quick update on Baby C: As I already mentioned, he cut his second tooth! Mommy and Daddy both have felt a molar working its way up and down! Can't even believe that! He's also working on his two upper front teeth. He is scooting and scooting around and trying to crawl, but not quite figuring out the arms and the legs at the same time. He's great at digging his toes into the carpet and scooting himself with his arms. Or he'll lay his face flat on the floor, stick his butt straight in the air and push himself with his legs, while his arms are down by his sides. Haha! He cracks me up! 

Well, that's all from me for this Monday evening! I hope you have a fabulous week! 

Zebra hugs and love, 

Ashley :)

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