Saturday, July 27, 2013

My first 9-1-1 experience

Hey all. Kailly here. I probably should've kept a few more weeks on my blog leave, as it has been crazy busy around here lately. But, I am happy to be posting today. I figured we all love to hear about scary stories that happen to others, so here is mine.

I had to call 911, for N. And, I was terrified.

It was a Tuesday afternoon. N turned one exactly one week prior. We were playing in the living room since we had just finished lunch. N has a playroom in our front room, but she also has a ton of toys in our living room. Most of our days are spent going between the two rooms, or out running errands or on playdates!

Any way, I sat in our recliner for a moment to take a drink. When I turned back, N was reaching up for me. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I lifted her from the ground, with sound effects and she smiled so large. I ALWAYS look in N's mouth when she smiles. I have always been deathly afraid of her choking. Didn't see anything. She was being silly and then wanted to snuggle.

Suddenly, I notice she was chewing on something. Now, she is teething, so she sometimes seems to chew and there is nothing there. I instantly force her mouth open and reach my fingers in. I couldn't find anything. I keep looking. Then, she swallowed. And, screamed bloody murder. Seriously, I have never ever heard anyone, adults included, scream like she screamed. She sounded like her insides were being torn open. I was calling my husband before she started choking to tell him I was losing my mind. He answered the phone as soon as the screaming started. I said "I have to go. Something is wrong. Calling 9-1-1." Click. He later said that was the scariest moment of his life and just started praying. We were a 1 car family at the time, and he didn't have a way to get to me. So he just prayed his heart out.

I call 9-1-1. The woman answers asking my address and emergency. I give it to her, and she tells me she needs to transfer me. By now, N is limp in my arms and blue. She wasn't very responsive. I tell the woman " Don't you F-ing transfer me. She's choking. Help." Soon after another guy answers. He asks what I am doing to help her and I tell him. I had her in my arms, on her tummy, patting her back hard, and clearing her mouth out. He asks if she is breathing. I say "barely." He then says let's start CPR. At that moment she starts coughing and puking. Throwing up a ton of spit, bubbles, lunch, icky stuff. And then she just starts sobbing in between her dry heaves. He said to me "Thank God she is breathing. Let her cry, throw up, anything she wants." So, I did. Within minutes firefighters, paramedics, and police were coming in. They all wore different color gloves to try and keep N at ease. They were so sweet to us. They checked her vitals and said whatever it was would pass in a couple of days. They asked if we wanted to go to the hospital. I asked their opinion, and the main guy said he wouldn't. He said she was breathing well, and her color was getting better by the minute so we could stay home and rest.

I had no idea what she choked on at the time. That was my biggest fear. I was on the phone with my friend J about an hour later, crying and so upset and in shock. By now, my princess was asleep in my arms. While I was talking to her, it hit me. I bet it was confetti.

You see, right after N's first birthday, we hosted a bachelorette party in our home. One of the girls brought the little metal confetti, you know the ones I'm talking about, right? The little metal colored stars in gold, blue, green and red. Oh, and the other ones that look like ~. I asked her not to put them out, but she chose to anyway, without me knowing until afterwards. My reasoning? We had two babies at the shower. N, and a 10 month old little boy.

Any way, days passed and vacuums ran. But, somehow I missed a piece of confetti. I knew at that moment that is what it was. The sharp sides scraping her throat hurt her so badly, and then it turned and blocked her airway. Two days later, I found out I was right. A blue confetti star. I felt betrayed in my own home. And, angry. But, I've let it go. Overall, the only thing that matters  is that N is okay. I took her into her pediatrician right after she choked. She said her throat was cut a bit but she came out very well.

So, thought I would share. That was by far the scariest day in my life. Twice while blogging, I've had to stop to wipe my tears. And, more than once I've started shaking feeling like I was going to throw up. But, I thank God every single day for letting me keep her with me, and for protecting her. I am so thankful for my little girl each and every day. And, even more so now, since that scary day a little over a month ago.

See you next week.


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