Monday, July 29, 2013

Home again home again...

Hey y'all! This Shannon and the MnMs reporting live from our polkadot HQ! We arrived home safely and are attempting to get back into our usual everyday routine but after being surrounded by super helpful aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and ggparents this mama is feeling a bit lonesome and stretched a little thin. See while we were on vacation I had several extra hands that were willing to help control the chaos and now that we are home again and it's just me with the MnMs during the day I miss those oh so wonderful helping hands and extra pairs of running shoes to help keep up with my super active boys! Whew! I guess I just got a little spoiled being able to sit and put my feet up for a bit now it's back to the reality of laundry and dishes and vacuuming and other day to day tasks haha back to real life where grocery shopping happens and the fridge doesn't magically replenish itself (because someone else did the shopping) and dishes in the sink don't just disappear because helpful cousins and aunts and grandmas have already done them ... Haha it was truly delightful to just relax and not have to really do anything except enjoy the wonderful time with family and watch my littles get spoiled with attention and hugs and kisses! :) and now we are back to our own home base with plenty to do and less hands to accomplish it all ;) and yet we press on :) life continues after vacation and though I'm still basking in the tan afterglow of the California trips to the beach and much enjoyed visits with family we are home again and my to do list didn't shrink while we were gone haha :) so hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go :) we have so many exciting projects in the works to prepare for our coming soon newest addition!! :) and with that said .....

We are officially 19 weeks and a day and super excited to find out if our Baby #3 is team pink or team blue! Our ultrasound keeps getting rescheduled later and later (ahh the joys of a crowded military hospital) but such is life and anticipation is half the fun so we just get to be excited a bit longer ;) our little MnMs have been sharing our excitement in their own ways too Little M has been talking to my belly and asking baby to come out to play and giving baby hugs and kisses. And Big M is all too excited and proud to announce that he is the BIG brother and actually Hubbers walked in on the cutest little discussion between the MnMs he said it went somethin like this... Big M: I the BIG brother! Little M: I a big brudder too now. Big M: no, you're small... You're the little brother cuz you're just. you're tiny... Little M: (more indignant) I a big brudder too now!! Big M: yea well you're the LITTLE big brother! (How stinkin' adorable is that?!?) we are all super excited for our littlest one to join us! My sweet Hubbers introduced himself to baby last night and asked baby to "thump once if you are a boy and thump twice if you are a girl"... We got several little thumps so I think somehow we got a little lost in translation haha :) can't wait to get to see our little one and officially meet baby M! :) 

So excited now it's off to fold some laundry and finish up my daily to do list :) which includes lunch for the munchkins and hopefully a nice rest time for everyone!! Well I'm off to whistle while I work. Hope y'all have a wonderful day whether you are vacationing or whistling while you work too :) 

Wishing you clean kitchens and mountains of folded laundry. Great big preggo hugs, smiles, and polkadot loves from me to you!! 
Shannon :) 

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