Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vacation all I ever wanted!!

Hello lovelies! We are in our home state of Colorado visiting with my folks the kiddos are havin' a blast soaking up all the grandma grandpa time they can!! :) and I am not complaining about having extra helping hands when it comes to our fearless MnMs  ;) we have a limited amount of leave time so we always try to squeeze as much fun into the time we have so we've been on fun overload lately when we first got in my sweet mama was trying to over feed everyone we all tease her because its like the minute we step foot in her house she offers us food and a warm blanket she is our most favorite flight attendant while we are on vacation! ;) haha but we have been playing dinosaurs and cars with the littles we got to have a Monopoly game night the other day after the kiddos went to bed and we got to have poker night Texas Hold 'em is a favorite :) (only using play chips no real bets lol) we got to see some of our local friends and spend some time playing at a splash park and then we got to meet up with my old high school friend and previous guest poster Mallory and her sweet littles had some lunch and then let the kiddos play their little hearts out and yesterday afternoon we took the MnMs and my youngest brother to see Despicable Me 2 in 3D!! We had a blast!!! :) they loved their glasses and got all excited when the lights turned off. We did have a few hiccups where the boys wanted to wander a bit but they did overall really well sitting through the movie :) good job kiddos mama is proud! Today I have a few meetings/visits scheduled with dear friends and some awesome Scentsy customers (I brought my inventory and samplers with me on our vacation have Scentsy will travel) :) tonight I'm planning on making some yummy supper and we are hopin to do another game night but we shall see how the boys feel about that ;) I just love that we get a chance to see family and friends!! I love my family and my pals! And ps to my local friends know that if we don't get a chance to see y'all this go round we will be back up for baby #3's baby shower ;) see you then! Until my next post update love y'all and thanks for sharing our vacay with us :) 

Well y'all that does it for me for a bit but I hope y'all are havin a great sunshine-y summer and that you are having a great time making family memories (we sure are!!) love y'all much! 

Sending y'all some extra summer sunshine smiles and polkadot prego hugs and love ...  Shannon :)

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