Wednesday, July 31, 2013

To insanity and beyond... or something like that...

Well hi and hello there! :) Shannon here remembering late once again it is my turn to post on le mommy blog. So here I am bear with me as I am struggling with mommy brain AND baby brain for those of you unfamiliar with these terms they are mental conditions that affect women when they are pregnant and/or after they have children causing limited brain function that results in forgetting what you were saying mid sentence and walking into a room and having NO clue why you went in there in the first place... so once again.... umm... where was I... why am I at the computer again?? .... oh yea! ... please bear with my lack of brain haha.  

  Well we are home again and settling back into our routine and busy making preparations for Baby M's arrival!!  My MnM's got bunk beds and moved into the same room to make way for the nursery coming soon :) They LOVE their new beds and think it is the coolest thing ever! I do foresee a few bunk bumps and bruises especially as my boys will ALWAYS be boys and find some way to turn any type of furniture into a way to propel themselves through the air and crashing into various objects. "They fly through the air with the greatest of ease *CRASH*BANG*KABOOM* those daring young men on the flying (bunk bed) trapeeze" Typically though not too much damage to report. No blood no foul eh? But inevitably bunk beds will bring with them a whole new level of daredevil and circus-esque feats of danger but oh the stories I will get to share with them later on ;) haha ...
 Other baby preparations include starting to baby proof and washing baby blankies and a few very cute onesies to store away until Baby M is born. We still do not know if Baby is a boy or girl yet but we are about a week and a half away from our ultrasound where we get to find out! Trust me there WILL be a special bumpdate post to announce team pink or team blue and I can't wait!!

Speaking of bumpdates... We are 20 weeks preggo today!! This means we are officially halfway to insanity and beyond... at least I think that's how it goes anyway. I am incredibly excited and I have definitely been feeling some good little kicks from Baby lately! That's one of my most favorite parts of pregnancy is feeling those very first little movements where baby says, "Hi mama I'm for sure growin' in here. *kick* Just gettin' cozy ugh this umbilical cord keeps getting in my way when I cartwheel... hey mom *kick*tug on the cord* WOMB SERVICE please?" :)
But anyhow I am just so excited!! I keep telling Hubbers that I can't wait to see how our MnMs react to the new baby! I am excited and anxious to bring the 'baby dynamic' back into our family again. It will be interesting transitioning from my more and more independent boys to a completely dependent infant again. I am just so unbelievably excited and can't wait to see how our family adapts and grows and I know that soon after we have Baby M it will be hard to ever imagine how our lives were without him or her! I can't wait until our routine changes but for now back to trying to return to our normal lives home from vacation :)

 Getting back into our routine includes me attempting to tackle my daily tasks and to do list. Somehow though carrying a small cantaloupe sized baby makes laudry, dishes, and vacuuming far more difficult lately but as we all know laundry waits for no mom! Also getting back into my routine means getting full force back into my Scentsy business and though I did take my Scentsy inventory with me and make sales on vacation I am now back at my "home office" and absolutely ready to fill the rest of my calendar up with new parties, events, and fundraisers so please do let me know if you are interested! :) Also EXCITING news Scentsy has now expanded to Mexico and Australia so if you are in these areas or know anyone in these countries looking for an independent Scentsy Consultant or looking for an opportunity to start their own business please check out my website or pass it along to your friends and family (pretty please with sugar on top :)  thanks so much! I just LOVE Scentsy and just can't believe just how much being part of Scentsy has blessed my life so far!

I just love my crazy, messy, busy life!! Every single day my MnMs surprise me with sweet things they say and hysterical situations that make me just shake my head and laugh. I love when they act too cool to do something they think is too 'little' for them because they remind me that they are big boys now but I also smile to myself when they are havin' a rough moment and they just need a snuggle from mama ;) I love being a mama! I love being a wife! I love being a part of the Scentsy Family, a company that I really believe in and makes me feel valued and important! I love feeling Baby M's kicks and I can't wait to meet Baby! I love how busy my days are and how crazy life gets but overall I just love how incredibly blessed my life is and I thank God for each and every blessing in my life! I just can't wait to see what 'insanity' tomorrow brings!

Well y'all I am oober sleepy and if I stay up much longer I will turn into a preggo pumpkin. Cinderella had til midnight but my body says 9:30-10:30pm Tops! So off to bed I go but I do hope each of you had a fantastic today and that you will have an even better tomorrow!! 

Wishing you sweet dreams and beautiful mornings...
Snuggles, hugs and polkadot love in the midst of my crazy
... Shannon :)

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