Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vacation News!

Hey y'all Shannon here checkin in right quick before I head off to bed :) 

We are vacationing in sunny California Big M and Little M are just lovin' spending time with grandma and the ggparents and we are all enjoying the time with our sweet family! :) 

Vacation update: we went up and spent the day at Carpenteria had a wonderful time splashing and playing in the ocean together. My boys favorite game was to run and chase the waves out and then run when they came back in... They had so much fun!! Little M and I decided to beach comb for a bit and we searched for buried treasure which looked an awful lot like broken seashells and striped ocean rocks ;) but we had a TON of fun on our little treasure hunt! Big M and I played in the sand a bit and snacked a lot on our little beach picnic :) Hubbers even got in on the fun and tried his hand (and feet) at surfing :) we all had a blast at our day at the beach! 

Today the Ggparents took us to a fun local cafe run by retired firefighters the boys got to ride in Ggpa's fancy old truck and thought that was all that and a bag of potato chips!! it was delightful and the food was super delicious!! We all had a great time visiting over breakfast and our MnMs even got to try on some old fire helmets and gear :) 

After breakfast Hubbers and I loaded up our MnMs and headed down to Sea World in San Diego! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Had a momentary heart attack moment when we found ourselves separated from our Little M but by the Grace of God we were happily reunited and this hysterical mama can rest easy tonight! But after our little incident we still managed to see another show and enjoy the rest of our Sea World adventure! The boys favorite exhibit was the shark encounter and the penguins! We saw turtles, and sea lions, whales exotic birds, dolphins, and lots of tourists one group that wanted to take a group picture with a giant bottle of milk (go figure huh) but anyhow we had a wonderfully amazing time together enjoying sea world as a family!

A few things I've learned here in California so far 1. A day at the beach is less relaxing when you are preggo and chasing/splashing/beachcombing two smallish boys! 2. It would seem that almost all of the Californian turn signals are broken! Good grief. 3. Sea world is huge and when you are doin the prego waddle through up and down hill all day it is exhausting work! Still managed to have an absolutely wonderful day!!! 

Had so much fun and very much enjoying our special family vacay!! :) we are 18 weeks and a day sorry bumpdate pics to come soon camera is on the fritz! But anyhow as ever polka dot hugs and love to you ... Shannon :) 

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