Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blessings, Opportunity, and the Adventures of my precious MnMs

Hey there y'all! :) Shannon here, blog-casting live from my living room :) Funny story I went through all day yesterday believing it was only Tuesday and as such missed my new scheduled blog day sorry y'all I swear I have a brain whether it's functioning at full capacity has yet to be seen :) It's been busy busy at my house lately Hubbers got to have a delightful weekend home with us and is back out in the field so just me and the boys and our .5 version ;) again for a bit. So we have been trying to stay busy and keep ourselves distracted with various projects and adventures. I just want to share some of our adventures with you so without any further ado ...

The Adventures of my Fearless MnMs!

Little M reppin' mama's 'bibness' (business)
I absolutely love watching my boys grow and learn and imagine! I enjoy their silly antics as they play together and with other littles. I just love being able to participate in their games and fun too. I am constantly inspired by their ever growing imaginations! Each of my boys has their favorite animals, and favorite things to play and right now the favorites are for Big M Sharks, pirates, building things, and playing cars and driving things around for Little M Dinosaurs, pirates too, finding treasure, and going on dangerous adventures with obstacles like crocodiles and big trees ... Some of their adventures lately ... Our house was an underwater castle with sharks circling us up on the ceiling! There is and has been a T Rex hiding in our coat closet for quite some time now. I love the simple imaginings of a child and how a blanket and a kitchen chair can be magically transformed into a tunnel, a tent, a house where more great adventures are planned out. I can't help but giggle when molding playdoh transforms my littles into budding artists and aspiring chefs! There is an extensive excavation site in our backyard where the boys have found diamonds, and dinosaur bones, and even dug up buried treasure.... 
Big M being goofy with playdoh

Their creative imaginations can turn a straw into a snorkel and a paper plate into a school bus steering wheel and I love watching as "Mr. Bear" and "Little Lion" have each become babies to feed and change and tuck in with sweet little kisses!! I feel incredibly privileged to be welcomed into this kid club where the only requirement is your imagination I love that my sweet boys choose to include me in their grand adventures. I feel like I have a free all inclusive pass to adventure and fun through my MnMs goofy antics and their incredible ever growing imaginations! I love my boys so much more than I could ever accurately articulate!! I am so unbelievably blessed to be their mama and to be witness to their adventures and joy! I can't believe how amazing they are how much they know and how quickly they learn and grow so fast!? I just am so thankful that every day that we share together is another adventure and I can't wait to see what adventure is in store for us tomorrow. 

The Scent of Success
And speaking of adventures ... I, myself have been on an adventure and new journey of my own lately. As of April 1st I am an Independent Scentsy Consultant and I am loving it! I have been having a blast being on such an awesome team and sharing the products that I seriously love! And I just have to share I have been successful through all of my customer's, friend's, and my family's wonderful support and encouragement!! So I just have to say thank you! And a special shout out to my lovely gal pals Kailly and Ashley for being awesome customers, encouragement and for always being willing to listen to my Scentsy stories and updates. Kailly has ordered from me just to help me reach certain goals and she's been a doll about it! Ashley hosted a party for me and was certainly the hostess with the most-est and highest sales out of all my hostesses to date!! Thanks ladies you seriously rock my socks!! I have to share that each of my customers and hostesses have all been so incredible! With everyone's support I was able to reach my first 3 personal Scentsy goals: in my first fifteen days I reached $500 in sales, had my first successful Scentsy parties, and in my first month of being a consultant I reached $1000 in sales and earned my first promotion!! A HUGE thank you to all of you for being so supportive and wonderful I really could not have reached my personal goals with out all of you! I absolutely love Scentsy and am so happy to share all the awesome products and the fantastic Scentsy opportunity with y'all, my friends and family! I am just so excited to be part of a company that I honestly believe in that treats me like family instead of just another employee! I love being a part of the Scentsy Family! :) If you have any questions or maybe you are interested in setting your own hours and bringing home some extra cash each month feel free to email me at  or call me (337-378-3482) I would love to chat more, answer any questions, and share my Scentsy story with you! :) Also friends if you haven't had a chance to check out the latest Scentsy products you can always visit my website and you can even order online: 
Thanks again everyone for your support and encouragement in my Super Scentsy Adventure!! 

Bountiful Blessings!
Adventures are fun no matter what age you are whether it is an imaginary quest of epic proportions or a new work from home business venture! And there is no greater adventure than growing a family and our newest little is growing every day. I just love being a mommy and getting to experience pregnancy!! Of course there are some not so pleasant symptoms at times but it is just such an incredible, rewarding experience. To me pregnancy is not only a beautiful opportunity to establish a forever bond with our unborn child but is also a time in our lives that we get to be a part of one of God's most magnificent miracles!! As He forms our babies every tiny feature we are given the privilege to carry an active miracle inside of our own bodies! It's truly amazing! I can't help but feel God's overwhelming love when I carry one of His beautiful miracles inside me! I am so blessed to have my wonderful children and am so grateful that God has chosen to bless our family again!! I just can't wait to hear that little heartbeat and see those teeny tiny features soon! I can't begin to explain how excited I am to have another baby nervous about how our family will adjust but I know that God will make a way! Thank you all for your prayers and for sharing your excitement with me and my family! Love y'all! Hope you each have a fantastic rest of your week and remember to hug your loved ones and especially your little miracles :) 

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts ~Winnie the Pooh
Enjoying the scent of success, wonderful opportunities, basking in God's blessings and embarking on new adventures... 
 great big sweet smelling hugs and a little extra polkadot preggo love ... Shannon :)

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