Monday, May 20, 2013

C's first time out of state!

Hello, all! Ashley coming to you a bit late this Monday evening! Sorry about that, by the way. I thought that this week, I would just give you a bit of an update on our little family. Next week, I will write about more "mommy-central" stuff, and I hope to share with you a bit about my chronic conditions, but we have been quite the busy little family these last two weeks. 

You all may remember that we went to a Wedding where MH fell and hurt himself pretty badly. As it turns out, he did break three ribs. He went to his doc for a follow-up once we were home and settled a bit, because the amount of pain he was in was just increasingly intense. Seeing him in so much pain is very upsetting... Especially when he gets hiccups. 

Anyway... This last weekend, we got to go to New Mexico for a cousin's graduation from high school and we are all so proud of her! For those of you who don't know, we live in this little town WAY south west in Colorado, that we may as well be a part of New Mexico. It was a 6 hour drive that took us about 7 1/2 going there and 8 coming back. Baby C did SO well! As well as one could expect a 5-month-old to do. The whole trip was a new kind of challenge. I packed every single one of C's cloth diapers, bringing disposables along just to be safe, and made sure to bring plenty of wipes. I also brought along his wet bag and Nappy bucket, so we didn't end up with a grocery sack full of stinky diapers. On our last trip, I had time to toss diapers into my parents' washer before we left, which mostly helped me for when we got back. But this time, I knew there just wouldn't be that kind of time, nor the means, necessarily. I'm betting the hotel we stayed at had a washer, but we really weren't there very much, so I honestly didn't even check. This time, I really thought everything through before I packed it. I packed all of C's diapers into his diaper bag, and more than enough clothes into a small suitcase for him. I separated out his plain white onesies, coloured/patterned onesies, pajamas, and pants. Of course I brought socks and shoes, but he didn't really need his socks with how hot it was. It the front pocket of his suitcase, I packed disposables, with a big package of wipes. I also packed his little Batman backpack to keep close by in the car with his "traveling diapers", back up wipes, and two extra onesies and an extra pair of pants. His favourite toys (giraffe, teething book, rattle, and truck) also went in the Batman backpack, as did his eczema cream and baby sunscreen. Since C was with me the whole time, I found no reason to bring bottles, but packed my pump (manual), freezer bags, and a bottle cooler with an ice pack. MH and I got our shared duffle bag and the toiletry bag, and then we (of course) brought the pack 'n' play and C's bumbo just in case. 

Again, baby C did so well! He slept most of the ride, though he did appreciate company and entertainment when he was awake. I drove the whole way down there so that MH could sit comfortably, so he ended up on baby entertainment duty.  When we got into town, we went over to MH's aunt and uncle's house and joined them for dinner. When we finally got to the hotel, C was absolutely exhausted and slept the whole night! He only woke up at 5:00 am and then let us sleep a little bit more until we needed to get up to get ready for breakfast and then graduation. All through the graduation ceremony, C was amazing! He didn't make a peep! He only got mad when he had soaked through his diaper and pants and we didn't notice, because he had been napping in his car seat. After that, he got sleepy, and therefore a bit cranky. But I was able to snuggle him and he fell asleep even in the middle of quite a bit of noise! I was (and still am) so proud! :) Saturday night, he didn't sleep nearly as well, because he ended up napping on and off all day, but never got a full nap. He did, however, allow me to go with MH, his dad, cousins, and brother and sister-in-law to the first movie I had been to in theatres in over a year! That was so nice of him, and it was so sweet of MH's grandma to baby sit! Though, from what I hear, it was MH's Aunt M, who snuggled the little man to sleep. :)

^C got sleepy at the graduation party and crashed in his stroller! I moved our little winter baby inside fairly shortly... He was soaked in sweat! Lol

Anyway... All in all it was a great trip! We are so excited for cousin E and so proud of her! She even graduated with Honors and as part of NHS! :) We're even more excited because she decided to go to school where MH and I met, which is one town over! Woohoo!!! Baby sitter!!! ;) hehe! Just kidding... Kind of. It was a fun trip visiting family and we are still settling back in. I still haven't finished unpacking and poor MH is still in loads of pain, so this may take a while. :P 

Well... I hope you enjoyed my update! Have a great week and we will see you next Monday! 

Zebra hugs and love, 

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