Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We all have at least one of those days...

Hey there friends. I would like to take a quick moment to do a mini victory dance in honor of the fact that it is Wednesday and that I am posting on my scheduled blog day :) yay me! Sorry sometimes I have to celebrate the little things to remind myself that I did accomplish at least something semi productive... Especially on days that I can't find motivation and just can't seem to get anything done... 

 Today I woke up with the very best intentions to tidy my house do the dishes, vacuum, finish a load if laundry, and even invite a friend over but wouldn't you know it my first trimester hormones dictated it was a movie day in pjs with zero productivity and barely keeping my eyes open! So with all the best intentions to tidy and tackle my to do list I found myself with a headache and extreme fatigue ultimately deciding pregnancy wins today! Other than feeding the kiddos and only accomplishing the absolute necessary tasks that come with caring for toddlers and taking my prenatal vitamins zip, nada, zilch, and not a thing got done and you know that is ok... I'm having an off day and off days are allowed sometimes as mamas we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to get it all done even when it means pushing through pain, sickness, and overall blech! I don't know about y'all but that is overly exhausting and when we put ourselves at risk we put our family in a difficult position. My mama always reminds me that if I don't take care of myself I won't be well enough to care for my little MnMs! It's a balancing act and while we still do need to care for our kiddos (especially being a stay home mama) is it really necessary to work ourselves into the ground to finish that laundry when we feel like dog poo that got stepped in by a giant wearing steel toed combat cleats (it could happen)!? I truly don't believe its necessary to drive ourselves into the ground just to finish a couple chores... we know our own personal limitations and we know when we just.. can't so listen to yourself! It's ok to take a break and have a pj movie day with your littles! It's really ok to go to bed early so you can recover from a rough day and in my opinion it's ok to order takeout for the fam when you really just can't even see or smell raw meat without retasting every meal you've eaten since the third grade!  :-/ ugh thanks again first trimester symptoms for being awesome, and by awesome I mean so NOT awesome! Urgh! But while preggo symptoms just kick some serious rocks at times, pregnancy is absolutely worth it when we hold our babies for that first beautiful moment of their life! And I can't wait to hold our precious miracle in my arms and remind myself just how worth it the first, second, and third trimester really are! :) 

... anyhow y'all it's really ok to have rough days but remember that it's just a rough day not a rough life it's only one day you can't let it get ya down forever. I am probably going to make a few more trips to the ladies room before the night is over but in the mean time I am going to snuggle under my blankets next to my MnMs and watch the Brave Little Toaster and sip gingerale with a cold compress on my neck. Haha I'm going to enjoy spending time with my littles and get those cherished snuggles while I can and then I am going to tuck them into bed after supper and bathtime and rejoice that I made it through another day tuck myself in bed and hopefully zonk a bit early! Hope y'all have a wonderful Wednesday with your loved ones and remember that it's ok to slow down every once in a while :) 

Much polkadot love and very tired hugs... Shannon :) 

Ps... Bumpdate: we are 11 weeks and a day :) picture update later sorry dumb smart phone :) haha 

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