Monday, May 13, 2013

Now, this is a story all about how... husband slipped, fell backside down! ;)

Happy Monday, everyone! Whew! It is a busy month for our little family. This last weekend, my cousin got married and MH was a groomsman. It was a gorgeous wedding and I deeply enjoyed seeing family that I hadn't seen in years! We had to travel about 3.5 hours away for the wedding to the city where I grew up. It's not a bad drive and baby C does excellently in the car! On Friday, we left early in the morning so that we could pick up MH's tux rental with more than enough time to spare before the rehearsal and dinner. It was a good thing we left so early, because MH needed bigger shoes and a smaller jacket and fortunately, Men's Warehouse was able to pull it all off by the end of the day Friday. The rehearsal went well and dinner was a blast! The wedding was Saturday morning and was at a GORGEOUS outdoor venue, just outside from the reception site. The ceremony was just perfect... The Bride was simply stunning, the groom was dashing; the ring bearer and flower girl were thoroughly adorable; the officiant was well-spoken (my aunt); and the vows were the perfect combination of romantic, realistic, and comical. My side of the family stuck around outside for pictures and the were released for brunch. The aspiring photographer that I am, I stuck around to get pictures here and there, when I turned my head and saw my sister rushing towards me saying "MH fell! He fell down the stairs!" This might have caused anyone else a bit of comic relief, but MH has a history of back problems due to previous injuries. So my initial reaction was "oh great..." as I walked inside. But as I got further inside, I saw people huddled around MH, who was on the floor, clearly not okay. My heart stopped, a frog caught in my throat, I dropped my camera off goodness knows where, leaving my child with goodness knows who, and sprinted to him. He couldn't take a breath, and obviously wasn't seeing my face or hearing my voice. His face was bright red and he looked terrible. As it turned out, his shoes had slipped on the over-shellacked wood stairs (which my niece had almost fallen on moments before, until my sister made her grab the railing), and he landed squarely on his tailbone before hitting his right upper back, sliding down the stairs and smacking the back of his head at the bottom. Later, he said that his vision went black and his ears were ringing, so despite everyone yelling and trying to talk to him, he could hear nothing. He tried standing up, went immediately pale, and nearly passed out, before my dad and some others helped him to sit in a very nearby chair. Trooper that my husband is, he shook it off, went to grab his extra tux shirt (he was covered in coffee), and pushed through until the very end of the day. Later that evening, we did end up in an ER/urgent care Center, and they checked him out. After a physical exam, the doctor figured MH was mostly bruised, so gave him some meds for the pain and sent us on our way.

MH still pushed through the next day at my parents' house. It was my first official Mother's Day and I got to spend it with my mom! My grandma, aunt and cousin were also in town from Tennessee for the wedding, so they came over to see baby C and my nieces and nephew, and it was also their first time meeting MH. It was a great Mother's Day! But soon, baby C started to completely melt down. He was simply DONE; done being passed around, done not being in his own home or bed.... Just done. So, I packed us up and with some help, got us all ready to go and on the road. Poor MH was so miserable on the drive home, but we got home at a fairly decent time after stopping to pick up our puppy, Rue. We all slept pretty well last night, but MH did end up leaving work early because of all the pain he's in. If you remember, last week I hit my first bout with mastitis, and the antibiotics really challenged my supply. Unfortunately, this caused my to burn through my entire freezer stash of pumped milk, and so this morning, when I realised that I had 7 ounces of rancid milk that I would have to get rid of and only 5 ounces for the entire day, I had no choice but to stay home. Now, this stinks a little extra, because I'm supposed to be gone this Friday as well, so I now need to find a way to work 20 hours in three days, and I'm still not sure that I have enough milk for baby C for tomorrow. I will likely be up every two hours all night pumping, but I have to feed my child! So... Such is life, but this too shall pass.

I've been having a little bit of a tough day today through. My neck is definitely misaligned, my right elbow is out of place, my left hip is feeling terribly uneven, and my left shoulder is on the verge of dislocating. This all leads to a good amount of pain, but with MH completely unable to bend over, everything falls on me for at least the next few days. Poor C is still "recovering" a bit from his weekend, so he's a bit clingy today, just wanting extra mommy snuggles, but also incredibly exhausted. He did give me a three hour nap today, which is absolutely unheard of for him, so this gave me the opportunity to get a jump on some laundry. I'm trying to find a way that I will be able to prepare for our next trip, which is this coming weekend, while leaving the house in at least a decent state, all without MH's help. Fortunately, he's understanding. I did have my first experience with giving baby C a bath without MH's help tonight. It didn't actually go terribly. Haha! Usually, he screams the whole time, but being that he working so hard on sitting on his own, I adjusted his bath, and suddenly, he saw his feet under water!!! This was so cool to him! His rubber ducky helped too! And when he figured out how to splash the water... All bets were off! Hehe! I had to take the kid out before he was ready, because the water was getting chilly and I could feel his skin getting a bit cold. Needless to say, this week is going to be a challenge for me; but with the small victories, such as a fun bath time, it makes every moment worth it!

Baby C turned five months old yesterday... Just in time for Mother's Day, so here are some of his five month pictures that I snapped today:

I hope you had a marvellous Monday and that you have a terrific Tuesday!
Zebra hugs,

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