Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cleaning out my closet!

Hey y'all Shannon here :) just a quick blog post today. I actually attempted to post yesterday (Wednesday) but somehow my post got lost and didn't save or update unfortunately. So first off I really hope y'all have been having a great week! I know I have enjoyed our week so far! We have been attempting to get reorganized and getting better prepared for baby #3 and overall just enjoying our summertime weather with our newfound neighbor friends :) yay! So I suppose I will share a few of my latest organization strategies with y'all tonight as I can't remember exactly what I had written before :) here goes... 
The above pic is from last week my current bump date won't load sorry will post again soon :) 

Operation organize everything is a go!! I am not sure if it's a serious case of 'nesting' or if this is my belated spring cleaning episode but lately I have been itching to clean and reorganize absolutely everything! As I have been going through and tidying and organizing I've felt so much relief because I feel like I am simplifying my whole world!! I know these aren't new ideas nor can I take credit for inventing these concepts but these are the latest helpful tips and tricks that I have been trying to implement and I've actually been seeing some very positive results.

Mostly I've been tackling my overstuffed closet and dressers (yes plural I am ashamed haha) having variety is fantastic and trust me I very much enjoy having multiple options but lately it's come to my attention that I had several garments that were dormant hanging in the closet you know that shirt you love the color or that your sweet relative gave to you... I saw some of these items and decided it was time to simplify and pare down! 

1. My first priority in my closet at the moment is to create a comfortable, functional, and true to my personal style maternity wardrobe, this does not mean I went straight to the nearest maternity store though! I have some pieces that already have and will do double duty pre pregnancy and during the preggo months. My goal is to use what I have and not purchase a whole new closet of maternity clothes doesn't make much sense to me to go out and buy all new when it's a temporary change to my clothes... So simply make it work is my current closet mantra! 
I have chosen to add a few staple and in my opinion essential maternity pieces (a few empire cut shirts a simple long white maternity shirt and a colorful versatile wrap dress but this also brings me to my second closet/wardrobe rule 

2. When you add one subtract two! My sweet local neighbor and gal pal has been accumulating quite a Shannon's clothing collection when I add a new item of clothing and buy something new I reevaluate the pieces in my closet and find two things that I can part with and either pass it on to a friend or toss it in my donate bag for someone else to use. I love the feeling that sharing what I have gives me! So the way I've been looking at those once oh so treasured high heels and tops I haven't worn in ages as a way to bless someone else it makes no sense to me to keep it in my closet just to sit and gather dust and cobwebs eww! Why keep it when someone else can actually use it and maybe even just love it as I once did too :) 

3. The less I keep the less laundry I end up doing! Perhaps this is my lazy streak showing but I'm not a fan of piles and piles of laundry that seemingly never end! So this simple somewhat selfish thought has also been motivation to do a clean sweep of my closet and drawers! 

4. Less stuff is much easier to keep today! It's a simple concept but it is an elusive one. In the materialistic society we live in where it's always about upgrades and the latest and greatest its beyond easy to accumulate a ton of just stuff, stuff we don't actually use and stuff that when it boils down to it just take up space. So when I simplify and muck through the stuff my house is tidier and much more organized! 

I don't know how y'all clean out your closets and I am curious share your tips and tricks below please because I love reading new organizing tips! I wish you very clean closets and happy organizing I have to sign off a bit early because I have my pregnancy labs/bloodwork scheduled bright and early tomorrow! But again happy organizing I know it's sometimes daunting but if you break it into smaller tasks it becomes a much easier goal to attain! Best of luck y'all! 

Sending you some fun summertime sunshine clean closet hugs and as ever all my polka dot love... Shannon :) 

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