Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yep my pregnant brain...

Hey y'all it's Shannon! So basically I lack brain cells on a normal basis being preggo for sure doesn't add any new ones to aid my can't-ever-think-itis! Once again I have forgotten to post on my newly scheduled blog day sorry folks. So here it is a short and simple blog update for y'all. 

Attention Bumpdate Edition: Baby News!! 

Well officially I am 10 weeks and a day preggers! My littlest little is about the size of a prune now and as seen on our first ultrasound quite the wiggly, active little sea monkey :) cravings include hot dogs with relish, CHINESE FOOD!! Fruit and chocolate, peanut butter and celery and cheese cubes , and veggies and ranch! :) I am feeling more and more rotund each day even though little sea monkey isn't taking up a whole bunch of my belly real estate yet... Wonder why that is?! But hey so long as baby #3 is happy and healthy I'm content to gain the weight for baby! :) we still do not yet know if we are team pink or team blue this go round but we shall see. What do y'all think pink and bows or blue and bow ties? :) 

Hmmm what else is new... Oh yea I chopped off my hair. I've been wanting to for awhile but have never been able to muster the courage to go under the scissors ;) but the Texas heat and my pregnant must simplify everything instincts gave me the final shove toward the salon chair! :) and I gotta say I am absolutely loving my new do too! It's easier to wash and wear ;) saving money on shampoo and conditioner and brushing my hair and styling is a snap! :) 

What else is new?? 
The MnMs helping mommy run errands and yes this picture is in Walmart haha...

The littles have been super helpful cleaning house and gettin things ready for Daddy to get home finally after what feels like forever, we get to have our most favorite fella home with us!! YAY!!! We are all super excited! I should have a few project blogs to share with y'all as I have big plans to reorganize my linen closet, garage, and our master bedroom so hopefully updates coming soon! (And maybe even on my scheduled blog day haha... Sorry y'all).  :) anyhow I hope y'all are having a great week and that y'all enjoy your weekend!! 

Sending you big preggers hugs and as ever lots of extra polka dot love... Shannon :) 

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