Monday, March 18, 2013

It's always Sunny...

Alright, everyone... Ashley here! I hope you have had a fantastic Monday! Mine has been absolutely crazy! My little man slept so splendidly last night; unfortunately I did not. I was wide awake for a good majority of the night. Needless to say, I'm exhausted, but I'm betting I pass out hard tonight!

This post is going to be a bit short, but the ASK ladies decided that, in order to follow up our guest poster, we ought to reflect a bit on the highlights of our day. These were especially important for me to pay attention to today, as I was so exhausted and just "not in the mood", if you know what I mean. ;)

My day started, just as every day does... Waking up with baby C. I love this, because I get to lean over, say "Good morning, booger! Hi!", and I'm greeted by the BIGGEST smiles! It's just beautiful. Then I pull him out of the bassinet and nurse him. When he's done, I let him lay there on the boppy for a minute or two and we make faces at each other and just laugh. Baby C LOVES to stick out his tongue, so most of these smiles are obstructed by his entire tongue taking over his face. Drool goes everywhere and I laugh at him, and then he laughs at me, laughing at him. It's a vicious cycle. :) I burp him, then lay him down on the bed to take off is pajamas and change his diaper. I love his belly, so once his diaper is changed, I let him lay there for a few minutes, as I tickle his belly and blow raspberries. He thinks this is just ridiculous! Today, all of these same things happened, and it was so important to my day! I couldn't have gotten out of bed today, if I hadn't seen that big grin and heard those squealing giggles!

After the fun and giggles, just as every other day, I got C ready for the baby sitter's and we left. The baby sister, S and her husband J are just awesome! They just love baby C and so do their kiddos! Their youngest, miss little S, is four and gets to stay home with S and baby C and she is always happy to see him! This morning, as I was exhausted and just feeling drained, I didn't feel like doing anything, let alone leaving my little man again. But I pulled up to the house, took C inside, and everyone was so happy to see him. We all chatted for a few and then the next thing that happened, absolutely made my morning. As I turned to walk out the door, all three of them gathered around C on the floor, with him still in his carseat and said "good morning!" and "hi, mister C!" They all had big smiles on their faces, looking at him and I knew that C just loved it! As I walked out the door and climbed into my car, I thought to myself, "this situation could not be more perfect." I sincerely could not be happier about leaving C with the Y family while I'm at work.

My day at work was a little bit hectic and a lot bit frantic. But I still enjoy my job. Even when things are slammed and there is a lot to be done, I think to myself, "well... At least I'm not just sitting here!".

Driving home to pick up C, I couldn't wait to see him, but I knew that as soon as I got home, I had a LOT to do in a short amount of time. I needed to get C inside, get puppy and take her outside, get the rest of our stuff from the car, get the puppy back inside, let the kitty out of her room, start dinner, clean out the diaper bag, feed and change C, continue dinner, wash C's bottles, greet MH, hand off a cranky C, finish dinner, serve dinner, sit down and eat dinner, change C, nurse C, put C to bed, wash the dinner dishes, take the puppy out again, and sit down to write this post, while the puppy climbs all over me.

It's been crazy. But in the midst of the scurry, I stop for a few moments at a time to observe and enjoy the view. The most beautiful sight I saw today, was MH holding and playing with C. That's always a favorite moment and it just makes me fall in love with MH more each time. They are truly my favorite boys. They simply make my heart smile.

The last moment of the day, before darkness falls, and everyone is in bed, I get to nurse C. There's a feeling of accomplishment that I feel when I nurse him to sleep. It's precious and special and something that only I can do for him. I love the little sound he makes when I move him just a little bit so that I can stand up and carry him to bed: I call it one of his sleeping sounds. It's a sound of true contentment and comfort and it's a sound that you so rarely hear come from a grown man or woman. To me, this is a beautiful sound. I put him in that place and he loves me for it.

I will have one last highlight of my day, though. It will occur in a few hours. MH and I will put the animals to bed, turn off all the lights and climb into bed, baby C next to me in his bassinet. I'll click the small lamp off and MH will roll over to watch his show on his iPhone or iPad. And for a few minutes, I'll sit there in the dark silence, and look on either side of me at the two most beautiful people in my life. I'll listen to their breathing as it settles into a rhythm of sleep and I'll sigh as peace and calm settle over us all, and I welcome the end of another beautiful, messy chaotic, thrilling day. And I'll lay down and smile, because nowhere else in the world could possibly be more magnificent.

What about you? What are your day to day highlights? What do you look forward to; what keeps you motivate and moving?

I hope you all rest well tonight! I know I will!

Zebra love and hugs, and wishes for a simply fantastic tomorrow!


Here's my second OOTD, as the first one got spit up all over it! :P

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