Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Cheeks Were SO Red!

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! Friday is almost here!!

I'll be honest, I haven't been sure what to blog about today. Normally, I talk about life. Well, today has been pretty normal. Nothing super exciting, nothing super boring, but I don't want to waste your time with me mumbling along about stuff you've already heard me post!

So, how about a good embarrassing story instead?! We all love a good laugh, especially when it is at other people.

On St Patricks Day, I had to make a quick run to the grocery store. I had my husband watch N so I could be in and out in minutes. As I am walking to the back of the store to the eggs (did you ever notice when you need to make a quick trip, what you need is all the way in the back of the store, on the opposite side of where you parked?) I hear my phone buzz. I never have my phone on anything but vibrate. I'm not big on hearing phones ring, and vibrate just works better for me. Plus, my lovely iPhone 5 is stuck on vibrate, so even if I wanted to hear the jingles resembling elevator music, I can't. Okay, sorry, keep getting off topic today. Back to the phone. I pull it out, and see there is a video message from one of my mother in laws friends. It says it's a surprise for N so I figure it's a sweet message. Accompanying this message is a text wishing her a Happy 1st St. Patrick's Day, and a blessing over her, which was so sweet (and I really appreciated the whole message.) I figure the video is the same message being spoken. Oh, was I WRONG. Instead, it was a five minute song, an Irish song. And, believe me, I am Irish. My maiden name is an O'H name. But, this song was full blown leprechaun type music. It is such awful music, I cannot even describe it. Type in awful St. Patricks Day music into youtube, and you may get this song. And, it is blaring. I can't get it to pause and I can't get it to turn down. Thank you again for that iPhone 5, we are no longer buddies. So, I am red as a lobster rushing to the checkout lane. People are chuckling, others are asking one another if I am serious, and one guy even started to dance. Yep, I can tell you I was so red my toes were blushing. So, I go to the self checkout, and a nice lady keeps saying "where is that awful music coming from?" I turn to her and say "I am so sorry, it's my butt." She stopped and stared, jaw half dropped. "I mean, my phone is in my back pocket. I can't get it to turn off!" She laughs and says it is hilarious. I laugh too, even though I am dying with embarrassment inside. I fly outside where more people turn and laugh at me, probably thinking "why is this blonde girl, who isn't even wearing green be rocking out to the music that's clearly muffled by a purse or back pocket?" I get to the car and guess what happens, it turns off. Of course, it waits until I am in the car! I called my husband and he about fell out of his chair laughing! Oyyyyy.

We all need a good laugh sometimes, that one definitely made me chuckle again just typing it. And, I even felt my cheeks burn a little.

Sorry to make this blog a shorter one, I promise Saturdays will be much better! I am off to bring dinner to a Mommy that deserves a break today!

Here is my outfit of the day! Odd angle but I am cooking away! See ya Saturday!

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