Friday, March 8, 2013

What the cheeto puffs, raw bacon, and all things boys!??

  Hey y'all it's Shannon here. :) How are y'all doin? I hope you are having a great Friday it's almost the weekend!! Woohoo!! :) (excited squeal here)Big M learned how to somersault and has been showing off so my hubs said it best Wow! "Big M learned how to somersault, little M learned to faceplant" Never a dull moment I swear :)  

  I am blogging on my phone today lying on my couch because I am not feeling so great... *sad face* but today I want to share some random fun stories of my boys and some happenings of our week... welcome to my crazy house... :) hope y'all enjoy .... and realize no you're not alone! ;)

What the Cheeto Puffs!?!?
So earlier this week the littles were giggling uncontrollably from one if their bedrooms... I smiled and thought to myself as I finished loading the dishwasher "oh how sweet they are playing together and then I silently patted myself on the back for having such delightful sweet children... (Come on I cannot be the only one that celebrates the smallest of victories with a motivational pep talk inside my head!?! Seriously y'all??) Anyway so as I was delighting in their contagious giggles and finishing wiping down the stove and the counters simultaneously giving myself a look how much we've gotten done today speech! I scan my now clean kitchen and sigh contentedly and decide to sneak in to catch a quick glimpse of my boys playing and being absolutely adorable... I tiptoe down the hall and quietly turn the handle and peek in to find my absolutely adorable sweet little ..... OH MY .... There is orange everywhere!??!! I can't believe you did .... WHAT THE CHEETO PUFFS IS GOING ON IN HERE?!??!? After the initial shock of witnessing the remains of the horrific Cheeto massacre and my two little "darlings" smiling up at me innocently covered in the very orange casualties of the incident... I closed the door and did what any other completely sane reasonable mother would do... After growling and cursing myself for not being suspicious of the giggling... I very calmly... (fists balled up with my jaw locked as i grit my teeth) walked down the hall and into the kitchen and shrugged as I grabbed the paper towels and and all purpose cleaner I sighed to myself "well, at least my kitchen is clean" ... Moral of the story ... Toddlers giggling hysterically is ALWAYS a special kind of suspicious but hey at least my kitchen was clean ... ;)

My family loves bacon! Really, really LOVES bacon!! Recently I just found out how much... I believe in including my boys in our everyday routine. They choose (within reason) what they want to eat for breakfast and lunch what they would like to wear and they often help with simple tasks like getting something I need out of the fridge while I'm cooking ... On this particular day waffles had been the breakfast request and of course 'if you give a toddler a waffle he'll want a glass of milk' ... I think that's how that book went... anyhow I asked little M to fetch the milk out of the fridge and turned back to what I was doing he gave me the milk and I poured them each some milk placed it at the table and returned the milk to its place in the fridge. I stopped hmmm something is missing from the fridge... What was it? Umm ok, there's eggs, butter, carrots, celery, oranges, cheese.... Oh! Where is the bacon I was thawing?!?? I shriek and chase after little M and find him grinning ear to ear as he is holding a raw strip of bacon about to shove it in his mouth when I exclaim, "what on earth do you think you are doing!!?"  He smiles and replies, "mama my bacon!" I quickly pulled the slimy strips away from him did a mental 'head count' of the bacon strips determining none had in fact been consumed ... and after explaining that we have to cook our food before we eat it or we will get very sick I gave him a CDC worthy scrub down ...twice! And then once the craziness had ended I sat with my boys at the table and asked "would you like an orange with your breakfast?" Little M looks up without skippin a beat he smiles "mama got cook my orange" ... Well he's learning isn't he? ... Moral of this story store raw bacon on the TOP shelf away from mini bacon lovers!! :)

And after all that crazyness once more it got quiet in my house yesterday morning... Fool mommy once shame on toddlers fool mommy twice ... Heck no kids not on this day!!! I rush to the half ajar door leading to the garage where I hear more suspicious giggling and mentally prepare myself for what horrors lie on the other side take a deep calming breath and burst through the door to find............... My sweet adorable little MnMs switching over the laundry and then closed it and said in perfect unison "big helpers, mama" I turned on my dryer and scooped up mommys super helpers into a great big bear hug and smiled as I carried them back into the front room and thanked them for bein helpers and reminded them that we need ask mommy to go out to the garage. :) then I smiled to myself remembering the rest of the weeks events and sighed shaking my head well boys we have survived the horrific cheeto puff massacre, we have survived couch gymnastics, and an 'unhealthy' bacon obsession lets try to not give mommy so many heart attacks next week... I love you both with my whole heart and I wouldn't change your crazy little antics for anything you are my boys! You are loud, messy, crazy, smart, (too smart sometimes), adventurous, wonderful, amazing little fellas and I can't wait to share these memories with you... (And of course with any future girlfriends!). I love you my little MnMs and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.... Well sort of ... Be kind to mommy! :)

Wherever you are I hope you are surrounded by your loved ones and that you are having an awesome day with your littles I hope you are healthy and happy and that as we jump into our weekends we remember to smile and hug our kiddos a little tighter every day they only get to be toddlers for a little while... :( hold on mommies we will make it through this... It is what it is... just keep on truckin' mamas we got this! :) Have a fantastic Friday and an even more wonderful weekend!

From my crazy house to yours big orange cheeto crumb hugs and some bright Texas sunshine and smiles ... Shannon

Oops almost forgot OOTD again... Just being comfy cozy on my mommy sick day  :) 

(love my super soft polka dot pj pants)

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    1. Aww thanks Ashley! Glad you enjoyed them :)

  2. Great stories my dear!! Makes me think of many a memorable incident with my ladies :) Glad to hear you survived!

    1. Haha Courtney aren't they fun? :) Thanks for your feedback I'm glad you enjoyed the MnMs adventures!