Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rough Todays and Counting Smiles

 Hey y'all Shannon here, comin' to you live from my living room :) I hope where ever you are you had a beautiful sunshine-y Tuesday! How was your day? What did you do today? I sure hope y'all had a wonderful day that was all sunshine and smiles! Here are just few of the things that made me smile today...

  Today was a delightful day at my house. This morning I woke up, got myself dressed and semi together and my adorable little M crawled up with me and cuddled up with me and told me, "I jus' wanna 'nuggle mama" (I am extremely fluent in toddler so I will translate for y'all) His precious little face was sweet as ever as he told me he just wanted to snuggle with me. I just love that my little M has such a big heart he just loves. Little M just loves so much! I feel so tremendously blessed that this sweet little fella loves me! 

  Shortly after the good morning cuddles, Big M woke up and after my big good mornin' hugs and smooches the boys picked their outfits for the day including Big M's choice of "big boy unders" as we are really hitting the potty training hard again now that we've settled in a bit at our new place. He chose the blue pirate ones in case y'all cared to know haha (even though we did end up going through quite a few wardrobe changes throughout the day... oh the joys of potty training...) Big M picked a light blue osh kosh shirt and some plaid shorts to finish the ensemble. While Little M opted for a more bold statement telling the world via his shirt that "I get my GOOD looks from my Daddy" and it's so true! Little M also opted for the no pants option for much of the day rockin' his big boy pullups (did I mention potty training with two toddlers is SUCH a joy!?) 

  We finished gettin' ourselves together for the day and had some breakfast I had a delicious cup of Arabica coffee! The boys had some yummy "yoop yoops" (translation: fruit loops) I had fun watching the boys chase their yoop yoops in their bowls with their spoons and counting out loud, "one, two, 'tree', four, five, eight, nine, eleven, eight, seven..." So we practiced counting a little more haha. Then the littles wanted to watch some cartoons after breakfast so they grabbed their box of matchbox cars and sat at the coffee table racing the cars back and forth and then boys will be boys ... Little M wanted the monster truck that Big M had so they had a bit of a screamin' match which of course escalated to a shoving match.... I had to be the referee and blow the whistle.... flag on the play... unnecessary roughness!! We talked it out and learned we use our hands to help and hug and not to hurt! 

 The morning took a turn for the fussy as it went on and more brother vs brother mini smackdowns ensued, so we had to sit and have a talk. I pulled Big M aside and asked him why he was being such a grouchy pants today and he looked up at me with those big blue eyes and crossed his little arms and with such frustration exclaimed "I just have a rough today, mom!" (with such melodramatic flair he could easily have stolen the Oscar from the best leading actor in Hollywood!) and then he buried his little head in his crossed arms and I couldn't help but smile... I scooped him up into a big hug and said, "Poor buddy I'm sorry you're having a rough today but let's try to have a better day without all the grumpies ok?" He looked up at me and gave me 'nosies' (eskimo kisses) and then we went about our day. 

 My big helpers unloaded the dishwasher (after all the too sharp and too heavy objects were removed) they helped tidy the cars and toys in the living room while I finished folding some laundry and put some away (not all of it but some is an accomplishment nonetheless) Ashley's wise mama once told me "Instead of striving for perfection let's just aim for excellence" It is something that I try to hold as a standard for myself! I'm never going to be perfect so why set myself up for failure when I try to hold myself to absolute perfection I will never be perfect so giving the best that I can is what I choose to aim for. I'm a recovering perfectionist so it's hard to let go of those precise guidelines for myself and my goals of 'perfect', but it's a much more realistic goal to aim for excellence because we can all do our personal best, so it's far more attainable. 

 We watched the Muppets and sang along (Oh yea I belted out "Am I a Man or Am I a Muppet" and danced in my kitchen like a total idiot and probably gave the impression I had something more than coffee in my coffee cup that morning) and then we played cars together again, had lunch (a hot dog some homemade french fries and a few cheeto puffs that believe it or not actually stayed in the kitchen this time ;)  had a few more mini meltdowns then the littles fell asleep on the couch watching the Muppets for the second time and had a nice long nap. I snuck away and folded and put away more laundry. Reloaded the dishwasher with our lunch dishes and shined my sink and counters, had my third cup of delicious coffee (the English have afternoon tea. I have lunchtime Java... to each their own, eh?) I had a few of the leftover homemade french fries and caught up with the latest episode of "Once Upon a Time" and texted back and forth with my lovely cohorts, Ashley and Kailly. :) 

  Hubbers got home from work and we talked about how his day went (turns out he tore a muscle in his leg, the technical medical jargon "he has a proximal quadricep tear", we talked about how my day went and the various little antics of the boys, the kiddos climbed all over poor Daddy and were so happy to see him they just wanted to love on him but poor hubs leg/hip quadricep (I feel smarter for saying the actual muscle haha) is just really sore today. We caught up and hung out together and the boys settled down. They played in their room (for the most part) while I cooked up some supper. I made lemon pepper pork chops, buttered noodles, and garlic green beans for supper. It turned out really good! I always know that I hit it out of the park when my Hubs says things like "Oh this is terrible! You really shouldn't eat this... I'm serious it's my job to look out for the family and this is just terrible you and the boys really shouldn't eat this..." which really means it's so good he wants it all ;) Love that goofy guy I married! :)

  We have all had such a full, busy Tuesday, but it's been such a good one! I have accomplished so much today I smiled, and snuggled, I drank coffee, I played cars, I did dishes, folded laundry, I played referee, I  cleaned up quite a few accidents and messes and was the cheerleader (who cannot for the life of me do a cartwheel) for my boys potty training efforts, I did more dishes, drank more coffee, made my own french fries, was a personal chef for my family, and much much more... Today and everyday my days are always so full but they are filled with so much love I am busy and hectic sometimes but it's always worth it because I have the world's most adorable boys and the greatest husband ever! I'm so incredibly blessed and I wouldn't trade my crazy, hectic, beautiful life for anything in this world. I'm going to smile each day that I wake up blessed with the priviledge of loving my family! 

 I hope tonight as you reflect on your busy Tuesday you count the moments that meant the world to you first. Count the times you smiled throughout the day. Don't let your stresses ruin those moments of love and happyness! Let love override stress and let smiles drown out any negativity! I love y'all and pray your today was wonderful and that your tomorrow is even better! Smile and hug your loved ones they make the day brighter even when it's grey outside! :) 

  (no outfit of today as my dumb smart phone decided to not take clear pictures this morning so I will share a few throwback pictures just for fun...)

Hubbers and me. Love this fella!

Big M and me goofin' around...

Love me some snuggle time! (with Little M)

Goodnight Y'all!

  Sending you my crooked smile and great big 'nuggles' from my house to yours... Shannon :)

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