Friday, March 22, 2013

Just say, "Go kick rocks we rock these mommy socks!!"

  Well hey y'all Shannon here. How is your Friday going? Mine has been pretty fun. We went to a Squadron Family Fun Day today. There were all kinds of bounce houses, lots of music, plenty of food, and some good company. I got to meet a bunch of my fellow army wives and enjoyed chatting with some really sweet gals! I always love meeting new friends and especially other mamas and army wives. :) I love talking to other moms about our kiddos, sharing fun stories back and forth, and just hearing about others joys and trials in motherhood.

  I'm a mom, Ashley is a mom, Kailly is a mom, and I'm sure many of you reading this right now are moms too... Does this make us experts in the field of motherhood nope, absolutely not! (But WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR CHILDREN!) If you work in childcare (speaking from experience) this doesn't make you an expert either. There is no end all be all level of expertise to be attained when you are talking about raising children. There is no "mommy manual" and there is no "cookie cutter solution" that works across the board with every child. I get just a little hot under the collar when I see mamas being criticized in any way shape or form especially new mamas!! I absolutely hate when people think they have all the answers and decide they must tell you that you're doing it wrong or feel the need to steal your joy when you decide to share a funny story or a mommy triumph. (We moms all know when the kiddos go potty in the big boy or girl potty it is a HUGE triumph!) 

 We love our kiddos! If you are a mama you love your babies it's instinct. When you become a mom you also become a bit of an animal with those mama bear instincts. I know that personally, I will do absolutely anything for my children, and would give anything to protect my family. I am that mama bear. I want to remind you mamas out there this is perfectly natural and perfectly okay! You are the parent to your children not your relatives, not your friends, not your mother in law, or your sister, or aunt or uncle, grandparents, cousins, or any childcare representatives, and especially not those random people that you meet in the grocery store that feel they need to correct your parenting. YOU ARE THE MAMA!! Not them! It is nobody's cotton pickin' business how you choose to raise your children. It is nobody else's right to tell you the way you choose to parent is wrong! Our babies are OUR babies it is our God-given right to be their parent and raise them the way we choose! 

 When you become a mom you don't get a manual to teach you the ins and outs of motherhood. When you are a mom it doesn't make you an automatic expert but you do become an expert about YOUR OWN personal motherhood experience and about your baby! 

  When you have a baby there isn't a fairy in the delivery room that sprinkles us with "perfect" mommy dust... man, I wish! right? But when you have a baby you do become an expert when it comes to your own baby! As a mommy, you learn the ins and outs of your baby, the intricate details of how your baby looks, what each different cry means, and how to care for your baby the best way that you know how. I just want to remind and encourage you, "YOU ROCK MOMMY!!" YOU GOT THIS!! Shake off any and all negativity no matter who it is from! You are doing the very best you can and that's the best for your children! Whenever someone criticizes you just shake it off. You can't control what other people say but you can choose how you react to them. Someone can only make you feel badly about yourself if you let them. So don't let them! You know in your heart that you are a good mommy and that you are giving the best of yourself to your family and to your children. We all make mistakes daily but what makes a good mama is knowing that you're not perfect and having the courage to do it again tomorrow because you love your babies and know that they deserve your best! YOU love and YOU take care of your littles not someone else. So why should they have a say at all in how you choose to raise them?? Answer is: (our daily double) THEY SHOULDN'T! 

  I'm gonna wrap it up for the night but I just want you to know YOU are the best mommy for YOUR child! Don't let anyone bring you down. Motherhood is tricky business and being a mommy is the most difficult rewarding job that you can possibly have because the job description always changes :) We have to learn, grow, and adapt to new phases of motherhood all the time, but when it comes to our babies we ARE the experts! So even when we have rough days, and we just feel like we need a break... WE are mamas hear us roar! It's hard, it's messy, it's chaotic, it's exhausting, but it's beautiful, amazing, and the most rewarding thing we will ever experience! 

  Hug your littles tonight hug them super close and tell them you are their mama, that you love them and you would do anything to protect them! Tell them that they are the reason for your happiness and that you are the most blessed parent in the world because you have them as your babies!! And when people criticize you and try to bring you down just smile and know that you are the best mom you can be and that is all anyone can ever ask. Know that when people try to bring you down and steal your joy that says everything about them and nothin' about you!! 

My Little M!
My Big M!

Outfit of the day... chasing kiddos around the park cozy and rockin' my mama socks! :)

 Wishing you all the best on this Friday night! Goodnight hugs and love from this mommy to you... Shannon :)

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