Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Budget Baby Buying!

Hi! Kailly posting!

I'm sure you noticed I haven't been posting any bargain buys lately. It's time I come clean. My name is Kailly, and I am addicted to shopping for my daughter. So, it's time to come clean again. I put myself on a 30 day buying freeze. My husband didn't think I could do it, and honestly, I didn't either. But, I will proudly say, I did it! I only bought N one outfit in the 30 days, and that was because it was so ridiculously cheap, I would've been dumb not to. Also, I had my eye on that outfit for over three months, and it finally hit clearance and only had one left in her summer size.

So, why did I choose today to be the end? Well, two reasons. One month ago today was when we decided I would go on "restriction." Reason two, today was the Just Between Friend sale somewhat near where I live. If you don't know what it is, check out their website and find one near you. Seriously. And, no, they haven't asked me to talk about their sales or review them. I wholeheartedly love JBF. JBF is a twice yearly sale, in while people donate or consign baby clothes, gear, shoes, bedding, feeding supplies, breast pumps, maternity clothes, bouncers, jumpers, etc. They also have things for children up to preteen age.

I went to my first JBF sale last fall. It was their toy/holiday sale. This sale had only toys and gear. My husband and I showed up 20 minutes after it started and it was wiped. Though, I found out later the building was not their normal, and it was really only toys, so people knew what they were going for. We still found great Christmas gifts for N. When we checked out at that sale, the cashier let me know the next sale in April would be completely different. Boy, was she right!

I got two free prime time passes, with many thanks to their coordinator! These are normally $20 each. I was planning on buying one, so I was so blessed to receive them for free! I invited my best friend, J about a month or two ago. L watched N, and J had a family member watch her sweet angels. The sale started at 1, we headed out at 12:15. Once we got there, we grabbed our many tote bags and headed inside. They handed us books with maps, and we mapped out our paths! My sissy also came! She is 6 months pregnant with a little girl! J and I were the fourth in line and so excited! The doors opened and off we went. I went straight to the safety area for baby gates. I couldn't find any I liked, though I did find some cabinet and drawer locks, 12 for $1! I grabbed two packs, and did a huge circle of the store. My main plan was to stock up for 18 months for N's closet. She will be 10 months old tomorrow (oh my, where has the time gone?) but I buy anywhere from 6-12 months ahead.

I went and spent a good amount of time in clothing, comparing prices with their respective websites, and finding what I thought to be great deals on a budget. My budget was $100. I circled through clothing, looking at sweet dresses, jeans, tops, pajamas, etc.

 I bought 9 summer dresses for N, the most expensive was $4. This dress retails for almost $50! Retail on the dresses total would have been around $200, I spent $27. I bought 4 full outfits, the most expensive also $4.

 I found 6 pairs of pants, four of which are jeans, two from Gymboree, one from Baby Gap, one from another brand I hadn't heard of. Total spent on the pants was $18. Retail wouldve been over $130.

I found 4 sweet outfits for my princess as well! I love the yellow one. Hope my blonde beauty can pull that color off! If not, we will give it to J for sweet baby C!

 I also found some cute tops, a shrug, and a darling raincoat. Oh, and a pair of Calvin Klein footy jammies. These were only $1!!!!!

 Then I found some miscellaneous things. I found some sippy cups, don't worry we have new tops for them, and they will be sanitized. The four cost me $2. I also found two packs of 18 placemats for tables. These are sesame street and were $3. They retail for around $7-10 in store each. I also found some sweet flower hair bows, brand new for $1.50. And, last, I found 23 board books for $3. My daughter loves board books! These are all Mickey Mouse (her favorite) and Sesame Street! I only show some in the pictures because I cleaned up the rest and put some in her diaper bag, living room, play room, and the car! I barely saw these as we were checking out, and I am so grateful I grabbed them!

So, my total was $86 plus tax! I believe it was $92 and change! I was so excited! I filled two huge tote bags (one an Ikea bag) and practically skipped out of there!!!

I highly recommend finding your local JBF sale. They had great customer service, wonderful organization and an overall very stress free environment! They also provide Ikea shopping bags (I brought mine from home) and they handed out water bottles while we were in line! It was so worth it waiting for this sale. I will likely attend all future sales!

Thanks for reading about my bargain shopping today! Now that I am off my freeze, I will let you know if I find any other great deals with photos! See you Saturday!

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Have a blessed few days! See you Saturday!


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