Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Love Bargains Tuesday!

Hey y'all it's Shannon. :) Sorry I missed y'all on Friday life gets super busy with littles in the house eh? :) I do hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! I hope that your today is awesome too! I have big plans to go through my closet, in addition to my other daily tasks and chores :) we'll see though sometimes my closet feels like a bottomless pit of fabric you know kinda like the place where clothes come to die... (I have an issue parting with clothes I think) I swear I have a FULL closet and still feel like "I just have nothing to wear!?" Anybody else? Please tell me I'm not alone there... I can't be the only one that feels like that... well maybe I can, haha anyhow... I plan to reevaluate and reorganize a bit. I have decided to adopt a new habit when it comes to my wardrobe! When something new comes in two other somethings go out (I really do have too much in that closet of mine ugh) 

 Yesterday I was havin' kind of a gloomy, grey clouds kinda day so my sweet Hubbers said, "Hey, if you gotta get out of the house just do it babe" :) So I did and I ended up enjoying some shaken green tea and oh my yum delicious sushi (two words: octopus sunomono!) at my favorite local restaurant mmmmmm... oh it was SO GOOD!! I started to perk up a bit after that and then I remembered seeing a Ross nearby so I thought heck, I don't have kiddos with me I can actually try things on and not have to worry about stepping on littles or profusely apologizing to the upset ladies in the neighboring changing stalls for my oh so curious MnMs peeking under the partitions at them... Oh dear! But no shrieks in the dressing room yesterday except when I realized what great bargains I found! :)

 So since I did indulge in a little bit of retail therapy I have to find a few forgotten closet items to part with today as I clean out my closet. But first I would like to share my fun finds!! We all know that Kailly is the absolute Bargain Queen and even she gave me kuddos yesterday via text so I definitely felt budget savvy! ;) Everything was on clearance at the Spring Clearance Sale!! So here we go I ended up getting two cute tops, a simple white under tank, a ridiculously fun polkadot xoxo bra, and a much needed new pair of shorts! Here's the breakdown: 

actually purple not blue


 purple stripey top - 
Original Price: $14.00
Clearance Price: $6.99


Mint color t-shirt -
Original Price: $18.00
Clearance Price: $5.99


White Under Tank - 
Original Price: $12.00
Clearance Price: $5.99 - .60 (discount)= 5.39

PolkaDot XO Bra -
Original Price: $38.00
Clearance Price: $6.99


Khaki Shorts -
Original Price: $28.00
Clearance Price: $10.99


My total was $39.35 including tax and because Rico the Ross man was in a discount mood I got 60 cents off the white under tank/cami for having a little dirt on it!? (I mean I'm gonna wash it before I wear it anyhow but hey thanks Rico the Ross man for the sweet discount!) I just love finding bargains even if it's only 60 cents!! This is a frugal tip that I use pretty often actually but if something is 'damaged', dirty, or otherwise not in perfect pristine condition when you are buying new, bring up the flaws and 'damage' to the clerk it's almost like price matching but hey don't you think it's fair to buy something new, literally in brand new condition. I have totally scored a pair of jeans from Penney's for 10 bucks cheaper because the seam stitching around the pocket was comin' a little loose. I also got a $12 glitter Batman wallet at Walmart for 7 bucks because there as a small ink stain on the inside of the wallet and I plainly stated that "I don't think I should have to pay full price for an already damaged item" ... maybe that's harsh but that's how I roll I don't think that it's fair to pay full price for something new that isn't in new condition.... maybe that's just me but hey a penny saved is definitely a penny earned :) 

 Another budget savvy bargain that I recently have found is my newly acquired Scentsy collection. You can ask anyone who knows me I am a recovering candle-holic (especially Ashley who got me hooked on Scentsy)! I love having my house smell like fresh baked cookies, or apple pie without having to slave over the stove to bake them and/or to perfume my home with floral and plant type fragrances but y'all I have an anti green thumb, I swear, I can't grow anything EVER so it's much easier for me to just dust the room with a scented spray. haha. But candles and aerosols can be expensive and are potentially dangerous with littles running around. Plus I am extremely forgetful and I am super guilty of forgetting to extinguish candle flames before leaving the house to run errands or before going to bed... yikes I know right!? But I really am that forgetful and ditzy at times... 

 So not only is it wasteful to leave candles burning for long periods at a time but it's dangerous! So friends, I have seen the light and it's a beautiful plug in wax warmer that gives off more scent than any candle I've ever owned, EVER! Plus imagine with me.  a candle that you can decide what scent you want when you want it!? It's real! I can not only decide what scent I want but I can choose to change it whenever I want to!! I have one in my bathroom and one in my kitchen right now but I want one in every room of my house and my garage!! haha. But seriously my little plug in warmer fills my entire bathroom with a fresh smelling pomegranate citrus scent right now instead of the unpleasant restroom smells of a typical bathroom. I just plug it in and walk away, done, no need to worry about "oh garbage! did I forget to blow out the candles again?!" Nope. I can leave it on all day and enjoy the delightful scents of my choice all day worry free! 

  I LOVE my Scentsy!! And I even got my husband and kiddos in on it my Hubbers really likes the fresh pine smell and my little MnMs have Scentsy buddies they have each have little stuffed piggies that you add a Scentsy scent pak into (again scent completely of your choosing) and I'm not exaggerating when I say that my boys' rooms smell amazing!!!  Gone is that distinct boy odor of yesterday and hello to yummy pumpkin marshmallow and baby fresh nursery scents!! They love their little pigs and when the buddies aren't resting on the beds, hard at work bed freshening up the boys' rooms the buddies come with us in the car and travel to friends houses too all the while taking their delightful freshness wherever they may roam. They are very much loved little stuffed buddies and mommy loves them too because expensive aerosol cans have taken a permanent vacation from our house! 

I am Shannon and I have kicked my candle and aerosol addiction! Y'all should really check Scentsy out and try it! I bet you'll love it as much as I do!!  


 I love all things bargain and beautiful and when I get to combine the two it's a double win!! We all need pretty little things to brighten up our day sometimes and when we get to save a little money doing it, that makes it even prettier! I hope y'all enjoyed this post and we'd all love to hear some of your frugalista tips and fun bargain finds! So please do share with us I know I speak for Ashley, Kailly, and myself when I say we all love hearing from you!! Have a delightful Tuesday everyone! I'm off to clean my closet and change my fun new Scentsy flavors :) 

New outfits of the day make me smile :)

 sending you big bargain lovin' hugs and smiles and some really pretty scented Scentsy love... Shannon :)

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