Sunday, April 7, 2013

Giveaway Announcement!!!!!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! This is Kailly. Wanted to post about our exciting giveaway with our contest rules!

We are giving away a SUMMER FUN BOX!!!!!!!!! What better to get us all excited for summer?!

In this box you will find a lot of surprises to jump start your summer with extra fun!

This box is being prepared by Miss Shannon! I did our last giveaway box, and the next will be done by Miss Ashley!

Here is how you can win!

All you have to do is "Like" our facebook page!

To find it, follow the link by clicking here! Hopefully, that works! You can also find us by going to facebook and searching "Just Ask Always".

Once we hit 100 likes we will do a random drawing.

We will post the video of our winner being drawn on Facebook to show the contest is accurate.

We will also name the winner in a post here on our blog. We are having serious issues getting videos to upload here, but will continue to try and work on it.

You will have 72 hours to claim your prize. If you do not claim within that time period, we will redraw.

Everyone that has already liked us on Facebook will also be entered to win!

Also, we are already at 61 likes on our facebook page! 39 to go!!! Feel free to share with your friends as well. The quicker we get to 100 the faster we will choose a lucky winner!!!

GOOD LUCK! And, thank you all for supporting us on our journey.

Ashley, Shannon, and Kailly

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