Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Love Playful Tuesdays!

Hey y'all Shannon here. It's another Tuesday and we all know I LOVE Tuesdays! :) so how was your day? Hope it was a wonderful like mine which is what I am going to share with you. So kick off your shoes and come on in this is a day in the life of Shannon!

Woke up this morning and had some tea got myself dressed and together and then rallied the mini troops and served up some breakfast totally pressed the easy button this morning and opted for cereal and milk. Other than a quickly thwarted syrup kidnapping incident we had a delightful morning together. Next up my MnMs and I played outside for a bit and came in and had a play doh date where we made elephants and dinosaurs and Big M made lots of spaghetti with the squeezy handle pasta maker thing and then we had some lunch and I impressed my children with a new 'most favorite' lunch ever! Brace yourselves for this culinary genius ... Hot dog roll ups (cut a tortilla in half for the kiddos sprinkle cheese like you're making a quesadilla add a hot dog roll it up and done) is that not the most brilliant kid pleasing snack ever? At least for my boys anyway... So after lunchtime we attempted a naptime which ended up being about a 30 minute cat nap so we decided against nap time and headed to the park with our new friends :) played on the slide and ran and jumped and climbed (the boys not this preggo mama) haha.

Then we walked home and worked on our alphabet, shapes, and numbers. Practiced counting to ten saying our alphabet and writing the letter B and traced a bunch of circles to finish off our mini school session. We put together and played with an assemble yourself paper pirate ship with sea monsters and pirates the boys loved it so much!! They had a blast firing imaginary cannons at each others ships and trying to avoid the dreaded sea monster while searching for the elusive treasure which was a mini Tupperware with colored rotini noodles :) the imagination of little boys just knows no bounds! I love watching them learn and grow and imagine worlds of pure fantasy and fun! While they were playin' I was fixing supper I made 'basketti 'fredo' (spaghetti alfredo) super fast and super easy kiddos loved it and so did mama (using gluten free noodles) after we ate supper I gave the boys a quick bath time and they jumped in their jammies. We snuggled and watched an episode of Super Why (my little MnMs new favorite show) and then they gave me kisses and I tucked them into bed now this mama is plum worn out and ready to hit the pillow now. But that was our day and I loved every minute of being with my little MnMs I got a bunch of snuggles in we battled sea monsters and found new favorites! We had a very full happy day and I'm ready to rest up for tomorrow! I hope you all get some good rest and that your day was spectacular! I'm off to dreamland yall! Goodnight sweet dreams and pleasant tomorrows to each of you!

Swashbuckling hugs and some extra tired snuggles and love... Shannon :)

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