Monday, April 22, 2013

Too big, too fast!

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a great start to your week! I'm going to share a bit about my little man tonight, because the fact of the matter is that he simply growing too big, far too quickly!

When baby C was born, it was like I, too was born. I suddenly began living and thriving on a whole new plane of existence. He was, and still is, the most incredible, most important thing that I have ever done. The moment my little Prince was born, there was absolute silence in the room until he let out those heart stopping, life changing cries. He was stubborn to begin with, and very determined to be understood. He screamed and screamed every time the nurse would try to measure him or take his footprints. And since she didn't seem to get the point - that he didn't want to be messed with anymore - he peed on her. Twice. Baby C was strong from his first moments, trying to lift his little head so as not to miss a thing going on! And he was a snuggle bug. Those first two nights of his life were spent in the hospital, since he was born so late at night, and he mostly wanted to snuggle his mommy. But don't misunderstand me... He didn't really cry at all. He just fussed until I let him sleep on me. I loved it. Still do.

C is a very good baby. We have been so lucky. I remember being so anxious, nervous and excited to get him home. I was anxious to start our life as a family, nervous to not have nurses around, but so excited to be home. If you read my birth story, you'll remember that since my labor was so long, we were in the hospital from Tuesday until Friday. Anyway... His first night home, I expected to be difficult. Throughout pregnancy, so many people had told me to expect a screaming baby, being peed on, pooped on, vomited on, and sleep deprivation. Well... MH and I agree... People over sell the bodily fluids and undersell the sleep deprivation - though, it's something you can't possibly explain, effectively, to someone who is not a parent. Sorry... Back on track. I expected C to just cry constantly. But honestly, the only sounds he made, were little grunts when he was hungry, and little groans and moans while he slept. Thankfully, my mommy instincts kicked in, and I subconsciously knew exactly which sounds to wake up for, and which sounds to simply enjoy. (My little man even snores a little bit!) Now... People think that when I say I enjoy these sounds, I'm just trying to find the silver lining and say, through delirious, sleep deprived senses, "haha... Yeah... Cute." But they are wrong. I sincerely enjoy all of his little sleeping sounds. I especially enjoyed them when he was a newborn, because I didn't have to keep checking that he was breathing! Haha! But every little sound that he makes just melts my heart. Okay... All except for one. I'll admit it. There's one he makes that I even find irritating. It's his drawn out half grunt/half whine; it just isn't as cute as his other sounds. Haha. Call me a bad mom, mean mom... I don't care. Lol But still... Even his cry is adorable. It simultaneously melts my heart, turns it to glass, and shatters it into a million little pieces. C never really screamed. That is, not until he got his 2 months shots... During which I quite literally sobbed and scared the crap out of my nurse, who had told me all through my pregnancy what a tough momma I was. After that, it was as though he had found his voice! And then of course, his "terrors" began. I hate them! And he has several every night, and at least one per nap. Ugh... I hate them! Still... C didn't scream nearly as much as he learned how to once he started teething, which was far too young, in my opinion! My poor little guy started on his first two teeth at about 10 weeks, and is currently working on a third at 17 weeks. None of them have cut through completely yet, but boy do I pity him! I sincerely believe that dental pain is the worst brand of pain that there is! Still... I love his sounds. And on that note, his daddy and I got to hear his first sincere laughs over the weekend! I'll tell you... It was the most beautifully composed symphony these ears have ever heard.

I have deeply enjoyed watching little C hit each milestone, one at a time. Some early, most on time, and sure... Some seem late to a paranoid mommy. I constantly worry about my potential to stunt his growth somehow. But C started pushing to stand when he was barely a month old, and it is still his favorite thing to do! Many times, if he is doing is nasty little half grunt/half whine, I hold his hands, give him some leverage, and he'll push himself up! He's definitely still young to be pulling up, but he loves to push! C rolled from belly to back for the first time, with the assistance of his Boppy pillow when he was just about 9 weeks old. He's becoming more and more consistent the older he gets, and today I finally got it on video! Of course, he's getting much stronger, and is able (and willing) to tolerate more and more time on his tummy. He started grabbing for things right around 3 months (pretty average) and he loves to reach for different sized toys to see if they will fit in his mouth! He is getting closer and closer to sitting up on his own, and you can tell that he definitely wants to... He just gets so excited, kicks his legs, and then it's all over! Hehe!

More recently, my little Prince has started scooting on his back while I try and change him. He started doing it a little bit a while back, but I could tell that it came as a surprise to him! Now, it's much more intentional and controlled. Even today, while MH and I had C on his belly, playing with him in his room, he seemed like he might opt to scoot instead of rolling over! He did scoot a few millimetres (haha), but it was absolutely intentional, as he was trying to get to his Mozart music cube (with all of its pretty lights) that he got from his Auntie D! Clearly, I am a proud mommy! Mostly, I just can't believe how much time flies! My little 6lb 8oz 20in baby, is now a (roughly) 14lb, 25 1/2 inch solid chunk of baby! He has his four month appointment at the end of the month, even though he'll be closer to five months by then, but I can't wait to see exactly how much he has grown!

Well, that's all for my Monday post! I could really just go on and on about my little man for as long as there is room on this page. But I should go to bed while my little angel rests.

Have a good night and a great week!

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